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Default Re: T4 2.5 tdi race engine build goal 300 bhp+

Top news.

Have you considered a much larger TMIC, MV Engineering does some superb ones.
Great to help with the lag issues you get from am FMIC.

"Our T4 retrofit intercoolers are now tested and ready for sale. They are available as a stand alone part to replace your factory ACV unit, A complete kit to upgrade your AJT 88HP or a Complete kit for your 1.9TDI install. 1.9 ABL kits should be ready soon as we have to address the oil fill pipe first.
We should have rolling road results for the end of this month.
Prices all plus VAT
Standalone intercooler with late or early MAP sensor boss 230 plus VAT
2.5 TDI 88HP retrofit including all parts needed to install, Brackets, Pipe work, Rubber mounts and Jubilee clips 320 plus VAT
1.9 TDI upgrade kit again including all parts needed to install as shown in photos 340 plus VAT.
Pre orders now be taken, please email me at head subject Intercooler, we will need to know your year of van and current engine please"

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Default Re: T4 2.5 tdi race engine build goal 300 bhp+


Old engine has been removed ready for the newly re built 2.5 tdi engine.

old engine and box with AXG inlet manifold and exhaust manifold

New engine i have high hopes for in my quest for 300 BHP

New clutch kit has arrived .

New engine and 02g gear box and SMF and clutch 228mm.

Engine and box complete

Engine and box with AXG manifolds on.

Engine now complete ready for install.

Engine now in and painted rocker cover.

Turbo is now fitted Garrett 22/60 v hybrid on quick release V band clamps. Also the exhaust has been raised up to accommodate the new position of the turbo. Also all new braided oil feed and return pipes .

The turbo on the left is a Garrett 22/52v (AXG 150 BHP euro multi van) which was on the van but wasn't balanced properly and failed on the dyno at 188 bhp. The one on the right is Garrett 22/60 v hybrid.This is the one now going on the van.I think this is the largest turbo to be fitted to a t4 not including compound set up's.

The old turbo 22/52 v after the dyno. Luckly all the bits went down the exhaust and not back into the engine.

I have modified the AXG down pipe ( 150 bhp Euro multi van ) with a V band clamp as this is used on most big turbo's and it is easy to remove as it is only 1 bolt.

This picture was taken from behind the turbo and under the van .You can see Axg manifold and the Garrett 22 /60 bolted on. It was very tight in this place as the actuator was right next too the bulk head which is not good as the engine rotates up and back under acceleration . So i quickly come up with a plan to solve this problem with an extension tube from manifold to the turbo.

As the turbo is to big to go in the normal place at the back of the engine ,i have made this quick release pipe which goes from the exhaust manifold up and over the engine for the new position of the turbo .The pipe on the right still needs the T2 flange welding on. 2 x T2 flanges ,2X shallow 90* 63 mm stainless steel pipe and a 63 mm V band exhaust clamp.

quick release V band on the extension pipe from manifold to turbo.

After going in and out of the engine bay this was the end result. the turbo now fits lovely in it's new home.

The pipe on the right is from the manifold and the shoulders of the T2 flange are left normal. The pipe on the left goes to the turbo and has been gas flowed so the exhaust gas doesn't hit flange and slow it down.

You can see the the original place were the turbo was by the exhaust outlet down behind the inlet manifold.

This is the quick release pipe from the exhaust manifold to the new position of the turbo.

New 83mm induction pipe ,with Garrett 22/60 hybrid turbo and 63 mm pipes to 600 bhp FMIC

The end of the intercooler face in to the engine bay

intercooler now fitted to the bumper cross rail with 2 stainless steel straps with rubber strips to protect both metals from each other.

The intercooler looking from under the engine.

I ordered the bumper which is called an RS4 look a like.Then ordered a intercooler to suit the hole in the front.

While the engine was being done the front wheel arches were flared out to accommodate the wider RS6 19" wheel which protruded more than 30 mm past the arch.

Wheel arches have been finished and painted. 10.10. 16

RS4 look bumper now painted

Rs4 grills fitted from the back side held in with Sicaflex

Rear spoiler has been painted and is being compounded to make it a smooth finish.

Finally getting there now.

Air intake fitted on the wing . I have only fitted this to help ram the air in ,as now i don't have a MAF any more. The air now goes straight into the turbo through the 83 mm induction pipe with no interruptions.

Rear wheels now going on at last.

Everything sits well with the new wheels on

This was my van at the beginning , just a reminder.

Rear spoiler fitted with Sicaflex.

Rear wheels now fitted.

Van now complete . This time fitting the engine,gear box,clutch,turbo, intercooler,wheel arches,wheels,fuel cooler,oil catch can,front bumper, rear spoiler, and DRL'S LIGHTS took 6 months in the shop.Nice to have it back and wow is it quick ? very. Next job dyno and ecu re map after it is run in.So 800 miles between 1500 - 3000 rpm and never on tick over. One step closer to 300 BHP

The intercooler is a bit exposed under the bumper from stones etc so must do something about that or it will get damaged.

So i designed and made a front splitter to fit under the bumper that would also cover the lower part of the intercooler and force all the air that goes through the hole in the bumper through the cooler rather than down under it.

From start to finish. In my mind to sketched out on alloy sheet ,cut, bent ,marked out again, then bent, drilled ,anodized,painted, and fitted.Job done.

This picture shows the air induction .On the left AJT 88 BHP standard from factory.( middle ) AXG multi van (euro 150 BHP )from factory.pipe and air box. ( right )83 mm flexy pipe with cone filter.

Air box's. Left AJT 2.5 TDI 88 BHP and right AXG 2.5 TDI 150 BHP. As you can see the AXG is much bigger and the hole for the MAF is larger too . But it still fits in the space when you up grade.

The 2 MAF's left = AXG 150 BHP right = AJT 88 BHP. The MAF housing's only fit the relevant air box's but the hole in the housing is the same size for the MAF ,but they still need to be changed over as the internals are different.

This picture shows the AXG induction pipe from the MAF ( nr the air box ) all the way to the turbo in one pipe. That is why it has 2 flexy parts in it's run to get around engine component's on the way.The one at the top is new and this will only fit onto your van if you have a AXG or volvo 2.5 tdi inlet pipe as this is much smaller than the AJT 88 bhp one. The bottom pipe has been adapted to fit with the 88 bhp inlet manifold still in the van. As you can see the acoustic chamber has to be cut so it doesn't hit the manifold. This is done by cutting the pipe on the 45* and turning it 90* then welding it back on with a soldering iron. ( as it is plastic )

Just to show the size difference between all 3 pipes 88 bhp AXG 150 BHP 83 MM flexy.

This picture shows all the induction pipes i have had in the last 9 years. the latest addition is the back pipe now 102 mm aluminum pipe.

End view of the pipes .

Now this is the biggest pipe you can fit to a 2.5 tdi and the first time it has been done.When you tune up your van it is very easy to make your van smoke. The cause of this is to much fuel in relation to air .So for me it is important to get as much air as possible into the engine (now the limiting factor will always be the turbo now and not the pipes. ) The worst thing for a diesel engine is for it to run rich , they always like to run lean the complete opposite to a petrol engine.

102 mm induction pipe now fitted .

This picture shows the cone filter down in the wing where the old air box was but now removed. The filter is right next to the vent in the wing and as i now have a scoop on the out side it forces the air in quicker. Which helps the filter take more cold air rather than hot air from the engine bay.You get more power from cold air than hot expanded air.

BMW X5 fuel cooler . As the fuel (diesel ) goes through the fuel pump it is put under a lot of pressure which in turn creaites a lot of heat . So i have put this in the fuel line return to the tank. This also reduces condensation build up in the tank. All good for higher BHP.

The engine bay with the radiator fitted (closest one bottom of the picture )

This is a BMW re circulating pump which i am using as a pump to cool the turbo via another fuel radiator ,all fixed to the front rail. It did come with 3 rubber fixing points which are anti vibration and i made a plate too suit then sprayed it .

The water that cools the turbo is not linked to the main cooling system as this runs at 100*c Engine coolant temperature (ECT). So i put a separate system in so it can stay much colder which the turbo will like.

The pump has found it's place in the engine bay,just.

Luck favours the prepared mind

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