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Default Re: vdub passion

"Back in April 2012, I paid a deposit to secure a build date of a Volkswagen T4 transporter van with (Paul Lloyd) to the amount of 1000.00 GBP to be built the end of May 2012. Mr Lloyd stated that the deposit was required in order for him to source a suitable vehicle. Mr Lloyd stated that he would then require half of the total amount of the build/ conversion with a full payment of the remaining balance to be paid on collection. Mr Lloyd informed me that the builds took 5-10 days to complete, indicating that we would have a van by the middle of May 2012.
I sent several emails and text messages to Mr Lloyd having not heard from him for several weeks. When Mr Lloyd did finally contact me (or should I say I finally managed to talk with him) he confirmed that he had the van and needed a further 6000.00 GBP. He sent an email requesting the payment and limited information regarding the vehicle. We duly supplied him with a further 6000.00 GBP (total amount of our funds held by Mr Lloyd =7000.00 GBP). Several emails from Mr Lloyd provide inconsistency as there are clear indications that Mr Lloyd had found us a vehicle, then literally a week or two later, there is no vehicle. This is just one example of the inconsistencies and deceit that Mr Lloyd displays. "


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Old 18-01-13, 09:01
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Default Re: vdub passion

Mike Rowlands
Dodgey as hell.
10 hours ago

Andrew Cresswell
Don't part with any money, still chasing a refund, now taking legal action, you have been warned
on Wednesday

Sue Nelson Vanstone
people really need to read Cath Elliotts recommendations on here
on Monday

Cath Elliott
I recommend you do not hand over any money unless you want to wait 7 months and get nothing.... not even a call back.
on Monday
2 people like this.

Sue Nelson Vanstone
where have all the posts gone!
about 2 months ago

Sue Nelson Vanstone
Recommendations? I'm not really sure what that means
about 3 months ago

The above comments are all genuine comments on Vdubpassion facebook page. How can Paul LLOYD state that he is passionate about VW. He is only passionate about taking money from innocent customers.
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Old 25-01-13, 15:14
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Default Re: vdub passion

If you had any dealings with this Vdubpassion. I have created a support group page please follow the link below. It time we stopped this individual ruining the image of VW.
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Old 25-02-13, 16:34
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Default Re: vdub passion

hi guys

im new to this forum and to be honest i didnt want to make a bad post as my first post


i live in llanelli and work with a chap who worked for paul at VDUB

ive been looking for a T5 van for ages to do up as a camper etc, i called in with paul at his llanelli workshop and all i can say is WOW

the workmanship i seen there in the 20mins i was there was crazy poor!!

a right mess is another word

i later found out i worked with a guy who just started with us and asked him a few questions about the place

this is what he said:

dont EVER go to him for ANYTHING

the man is a con artist and will do anything NOT to give a refund

i left as the work he was asking me to do was not up to standard and i was un-happy doing it for him

he really is a sly one so stay away!

its a shame this is one of my first posts but i feel i must worn you guys about him!

any questions please ask away
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Old 31-07-13, 14:29
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Unhappy Re: vdub passion


Hi all I wish I had looked at this forum before parting with such a lot of money to Paul Lloyd and we are still paying to correct the outstanding items, or faulty items.

We picked up our van at the end of May 2013, a long awaited dream to own a T5 campervan which has now turned into a nightmare, from the loss of money as well as the increased stress levels.

Without going into all my personal details we have had the worst ever start to this year with the sudden loss of my beautiful best friend and going through an operation due to cancer myself, we thought we needed to live for today and arranged a mortgage to buy our dream van.

Why oh Why was my lovely friend taken from this world and the awful Paul Lloyds of this world are allowed to do their worst !!!

Paul was very good at communicating with us whilst he wanted money from us, but the after sales is a joke !!! nothing at all !!!
Looking at your comments, he did the same to us by not supplying many items that he charged us for and even handed over a bike rack that does not fit on to a T5.

He kept the 1000 deposit, overcharged us for specified items that were not fitted by at least another 1000 and from looking at your costings he added a further 2000 onto the cost of our conversion. He must of seen me as an easy target.

It has taken a further 1500 to sort out some of the problems and now we have to buy a new fridge at a cost of 600 and I believe that he must of known that the fridge he fitted was faulty. So I guess we are lucky to at least have the van but we have not been able to use it as a campervan as we needed to sort everything out and now have a credit card bill of 3000 to pay off as well as the new mortgage !!!!

How do we stop people getting caught up in his net ?? He needs to be stopped. I intend to take him to small claims court, but he is bound to have ways of getting out of paying anything. I can just see hassle and stress ahead !!!

Please Please do not go to this little Sh.....! He will take you for the worst ride ever !!! Vdub more like `V DUD`.
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Old 15-08-13, 19:18
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Default Re: vdub passion

Hi all.

I sought out a company for conversion 'vdub passion' gave me a competitive price and a decent spec T4. I paid my deposit and then seen this thread and began to worry.! I mentioned my fears to Paul who told us a story and said all the problems were behind them. He seemed very genuine and we were quite happy with what he was saying was truthful. I warned him that should the van not be ready i would be fuming as we travelled from Newcastle.

We picked the van up when scheduled however there were a few items not quite Right. No rear curtain in the van, the air deflector at the front of the van kept coming off and the ariel was snapped. The van was advertised with full service history however on inspection only up to 60k of service history was given when the van has 110k on clock. The van was said to have a new cambelt and service but after inspection I have my doubts if this was carried out. the van was specified as having two captains chairs however he removed the armrests without consultation and expected us to accept them like this, again a little consultation would have been nice.

I only realised the majority of the above after collection and Paul said he would send the parts on to me. After a bombardment of phone calls emails and texts Paul has not delivered the parts to us. He has promised the parts were in the post, nothing has materialised there fore this was a lie.

It's a shame that the small things have let Paul down as I am quite happy with the build apart from the above. The lack of after sales is astounding and he will not answer the phone to me and must have my number saved!

I have given Paul umpteen chances to provide the parts to no avail and that is why I am now writing this review. We had a contract that's was expecting Paul to honour but once he had the money that all changed. He also promised photos of the build to be sent to convert the v5, again never materialised.

I would not advise anyone to purchase from Paul because of the severe lack of after sales which is a shame because the conversion is pretty good.

Paul if you are reading this please provide what we have paid for in good faith !!!!
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Old 16-08-13, 08:13
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Default Re: vdub passion


I also had a van built by Vdub Passion.

They sourced the donor van for me, and it was clearly stated that it would have a full mechanical inspection and service before being handed over, which would rectify a warning light that was showing.

Upon collection of the van the warning light was still there, I queried why and didnt get a satisfactory answer. However due to time constraints I decided to take the van away.
It was agreed that I would have a local mechanic check the fault and have it rectified and VDubPassion would refund the cost.

I arranged for a local mechanic to look at the vehicle and within 30 seconds of starting the engine he could hear that there was a serious problem.
Without going into the technicalities of the fault it was serious enough that driving the van could have completely destroyed the engine / gearbox.
When I asked him if it was possible that VdubPassion could have missed the problem his response was "not a chance".

In addition to the this the oil, plugs, filters, belts etc that were all due to have been changed as part of the service had not been replaced.

I then went back to Paul Lloyd and explained the situation, His initial reaction was that it wasnt his problem as he isnt a mechanic.
I explained that as he sourced the van under the Sale of Goods Act he needed to rectify it.
He then went on the missing list for the best part of a month and came up with all kinds of excuses, and at times was abusive when challenged him on the matter. He also made the implied threats of having a family member who is a lawyer.
Ultimately I was able to recover some of the money needed to rectify the van (but not all of it) by threatening legal proceedings.

In addition to this the pop top leaked, further investigation showed that it hadnt been fitted correctly. Naturally I didnt want to hand the van back to him to resolve this, so I ended up getting it rectified elsewhere at time and expense to myself.

Also since owning the van the fridge has never worked properly. At first I thought it was something we were doing wrong, but having decided to get to grips with it in the last few weeks I have discovered that the wiring to the fridge is inadequate.

It has been wired in 0.75mm wire when the installation manual clearly states a minimum of 6mm. This means that the fridge would never have worked from day 1!.

Over and above that a year or so of owning the van has exposed the trim /fittings / workmanship to all be of poor quality, with bits falling off / breaking all the time.

All in all steer well clear as he may initially come across as genuine guy, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Plenty of other converters out there who provide better product and actually care about their customers.
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Old 21-08-13, 13:54
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Default Re: vdub passion

Hi All

Does anyone here live near Llanelli that could pop into Vdub Passion for me? I went to pick up a R'n'R bed from Paul, it was in the wrong colours (grey and black instead or grey and blue) so I said i would just gt my deposit back and don't worry about it. He then said he would install the bed and replace the upholstery the week after and gave me 100 off the original price to cover petrol as I would be doing 2 trips.

That was 5 weeks ago now and I was having (kind of) regular contact every week and he kept saying it will be sorted the following week. It's now been 2 weeks that I haven't been able to get through.

If you have had dealings with Vdub Passion can you please give me a pm and your number so I can call you please? Really don't know what to do at this point. I have a message from him saying he will replace the upholstery. Really don't want to get companies into trouble and leave a bad name as I can't really see the point but then sometimes some people really can't help themselves and push others that way.


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Default Re: vdub passion

Bump. Anyone?
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Old 27-08-13, 18:22
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Default Re: vdub passion

Reading all the above posts I think you've got your answer.
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