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Old 11-12-14, 21:50
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T4 Post Icon Re: Goodbye Ratrace ...... a new beginning.

All taken onboard John

But as I mentioned earlier, renting property via estate agents is virtually impossible, as by law the estate agent has to provide their client with evidence that you can actually afford to pay the rent. What they have to go by is your income or a regular salary. Without regular income, ie evidence that you're actually employed, you stand no chance. I was hoping that my bank statements would prove that I can actually afford to pay the bills, but that doesn't work here

Where it gets complicated, is the fact that you can't actually get a job if you have no fixed address ! ........ Catch-22

However, there may be a way round this

I hope to God this works tomorrow ......... as Baldrick would say ........... 'I have a cunning plan' !

I certainly won't be rushing into buying something, I'll only get one shot at this, as I don't have the luxury of unlimited funds.
We shall see what transpires.

As excited as a kid in a sweet shop right now

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Old 11-12-14, 22:10
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Default Re: Goodbye Ratrace ...... a new beginning.

Our mates live near Pau; moved there five years ago from London.
Loads of hoops to jump through but they have an awesome house overlooking the Pyrenees; there happens to be a place for sale next door to them too...

Which region are you aiming for?
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Old 12-12-14, 10:32
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party Re: Goodbye Ratrace ...... a new beginning.

Hi Turk
great plan
we are coming down to Charante for a nose around over xmas and new year also
not buying yet but I want to see what's out there
been talking to a scot's builder who lives down there
and he was telling me about the property prices etc
passed through Limoge years ago and seems like a nice area
thought if we visit in the worst moths we would get a better idea of the location
I'll keep watching your news
best of luck
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Old 12-12-14, 10:42
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Default Re: Goodbye Ratrace ...... a new beginning.

some wise words uttered in this thread already especially the line about life passing you by........

good luck Turk

subscribed to this now
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Old 12-12-14, 11:46
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Default Re: Goodbye Ratrace ...... a new beginning.

I hope it works out for you Turk. I moved to Fuerteventura 6 years ago. As you said do it before its too late and life passes you by which is what I thought at the time. Unfortunately it only lasted 2 years as the recession took hold and my wife became pregnant (don't know how that happened) and we had to move back to England. Best 2 years of my life though and my daughter speaks fluent Spanish which is a bonus.
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Old 12-12-14, 11:52
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Default Re: Goodbye Ratrace ...... a new beginning.

Best of luck mate, if you're savvy (which you seem to be!) I doubt you'll have any regrets. I dropped out and lived in S America for 8 yrs, now I'm back in the UK and miss it every day. I'm now saving up for a large blue water cruising yacht :-) Enjoy your liberty!
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Old 12-12-14, 16:44
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Default Re: Goodbye Ratrace ...... a new beginning.

Used to run a smallholding and campsite in the Brecon Beacons - hugely rewarding but hard work and a 7 day a week all weather commitment so sold up almost a decade ago @ 45 and have lived in a SWB T4 more or less full time since then. So glad I took the plunge as an MI 3 years ago could have been fatal but wasn't so still on the road and love it. Off to Morocco for the winter and undertaking a two month Outback 4x4 trip in the Spring : ONE LIFE LIVE IT!! might inspire more of us to grab the chance.
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Old 13-12-14, 18:27
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T4 Post Icon Re: Goodbye Ratrace ...... a new beginning.

Hi all

I didn't actually think that my thread ( blog style ) would be of much interest to anybody, how wrong I was ! glad to see that many of you are interested in doing the same, and good for you if you've tried it already Many thanks to the members who have already subscribed to the thread, I guess I'll now have to be a little more attentive, and make notes as I go along.

I'll try and keep things in order, as a procedure sort of thing. Right now, it's all over the place ....... as am I !

The other day I happen to mention the 'Catch-22' situation that you tend to encounter on big projects. Selling your home and moving all your clutter that you've accumulated over many years to a different country, is quite a feat. Careful planning is required ....... I'll tell you right now, what ever plan you hatch you may as well forget it right now !

There will always be somebody that will screw things up for you very early on, which will make the remainder of you carefully constructed plan useless.

The way I conceived my plan was to simply have a list of goals.

Just make it as simple as possible, as there will be many changes along the way. A simple plan is easy to change.

Here's mine;

Jack in job
Sell gaff
Get my ass to France
Find a place to rent ( as you need some sort of base )
Open bank account ( to transfer your funds )

Once you have the above sussed, and your communications organised ( SIM card, as you really don't want roaming chargers on your mobile ). You can then spend time researching properties for sale, I think, otherwise, you'll tend to rush into buying something you'll regret.

Where it get virtually impossible is, finding a place to rent that will become your 'real' address. With no postal address and utility bills in your name you're basically stuffed !

It so happens, yesterday I made a few new friends I spent best part of the day in a pub. But the pub's over here are really just cafe', while chatting to a guy discussing many things such as my plan to buy a property in the surrounding area, and the pitfalls, catch-22's but most importantly finding a place to rent, as staying in hotels and 'Chambre D'Hote' was taking it's toll on my travel expenses.

It turned out, he was the cafe' landlord ! ........ and he had a suggestion for me.

He told me that he had recently purchased a house, that's he's currently doing up, and that I could rent his old apartment that his mother owns ! So I now have a rented house, my 'real' address as it were. And when his mother returns from her vacation, she will arrange for a proper contract ( lease ) to be drawn up. Tuesday morning I have an appointment at the bank ( as the banks are closed Mondays over here ), and his friend who works at the bank will try to open a bank account for me, thus bypassing the required utility bills in my name, and use his details as she knows him.

So, the hard bit is almost done, final details to be arranged and I've get my 'base' to work from.

I've always maintained, it's not what you know, but who you know'. This guy has turned out to be an absolute gem
It's so easy to make friends over here I find, they like people who are interesting, don't be afraid to muck in, if your French isn't up to scratch give it a go. Most of them speak English quite well anyway. And you'll all have a good laugh trying.

Anybody interested on how to get here, this region in particular, as it's beautiful around here. I'll elaborate .........

There are obviously many routes you could chose. If you're in a rush you can get here with 7 hours. I tend to use the following site, but I tend to use it as information only. I don't like being on motorways surround by nutters breaking the sound barrier. I want to see the real France and that means it's cute little villages.

My zig-zagging down the west coast of France took me through the following departments ......

Ille et Villaine
Loire Atlantique
Maine et Loire

I then had to cut across travelling in an easterly direction

Haute Vienne and then straight into the Creuse department. About 700 miles. I did a quick top up @ 1.09 euros per litre along the way.

Not a pretty day for taking pictures, but who cares ....... I'm in France >>

If you ever get the chance to visit Aubusson, I'de highly recommend 'Hotel La Beauze'. It's owned and run by a Dutch couple, and Lizette is lovely, you'll be welcomed in French, English and Dutch ! >>

My travelling expenses !!! >>

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Old 13-12-14, 18:50
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Default Re: Goodbye Ratrace ...... a new beginning.

Enjoy your time 'smelling the roses"
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Old 13-12-14, 19:45
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T4 Post Icon Re: Goodbye Ratrace ...... a new beginning.

Originally Posted by Johnmacster View Post
Enjoy your time 'smelling the roses"

Yup, cheers John

As the business side of things are now more or less sorted, and I can't do anything more till early next week, I thought I would familiarise myself with my surroundings. Aubusson isn't a massive town nor can you call it a village, with around 4,000 habitants it's still a far cry from the over populated and cramped conditions of St Helier Jersey, so I decided to go for a walk around the town.

Some things can very expensive here. Clothes and shoes I noticed are particularly expensive, but food isn't ...... 7,00 euros for six large steaks ! WOW ...... in Jersey you would be extremely lucky to buy just one steak for 7 quid !

Only last year I was in the Co-Op grossery shopping, I fancied a fillet of smoked mackerel ......... but when I noticed the price for said mackerel, 7.50 plus 5% GST since when is mackerel on the endangered species list !? it's a fish for Christ sake !

This is what I mean by a better quality of life, I got tired of replacing food on the supermarket shelves as I couldn't afford it. You just wouldn't believe how expensive it is to live there now. The food is of very poor quality anyway, at least over here it's fresh, of high quality and in abundance. Eat well, stay healthy that's what I say. And there's absolutely no risk of the folk over here getting stressed out either. Most shops open at 10.00 am close at 12.30 pm - re-open at 2.30 pm and close at either 5.30 or 7.00 pm. No wonder nobody' stressed. Relaxation is of paramount importance obviously. And where can you find all of these people during the closed periods ? .......... in the cafes and restaurants of course !

The other thing I've noticed since being here is, the cold is different. Most of you who live in the UK probably wouldn't know what I'm getting at. But in Jersey, the cold goes right through you as it's a damp cold ( sea air you see ). I was certain that the cold damp conditions were rotting my bones from the inside, maybe just my imagination

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a new beginning, france

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