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T4 Post Icon oil leak

Hello transporter guys & girls i seem to have an oil leak from under my T4 coming from the sump? all bolts tighten but still leaking very slowly, anyone else had this problem and if so how did you fix it??? its making a bit of a mess on my brick paving drive any idears on how to clean up would be a help too.. thankyou for any help given moxy
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Old 05-04-12, 05:42
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Default Re: oil leak

are you sure it is sump?

as oil has a habit of making it's way from the most awkward of places and often end up around the sump area

do a visual or talc test, to see if it's coming from somewhere else

check all seals, oil pressure switches, rocker cover, oil filter housing and other obvious areas

if you can see by eye, l use a little talc, sprinkle some on suspect areas and watch to see if it changes colour and drips with leaking oil
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Old 06-04-12, 16:40
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Thumbs up Re: oil leak

Try checking your rocker cover as they have a habit of leaking under the retaining nuts,as their are rubber washers under the metal cup washers, also their are rubber washers that actually sit on top of the studs before the rocker cover is in place so I would check this area and also around the vacuum pump as this is very close to the sump gasket, hope this helps you,regards bighook
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Old 06-04-12, 21:31
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Default Re: oil leak

hi mate i had this problem it took me ages to find it started with the turbo i put a new one on it but didnt stop the leak it ended up being the cast housing that holds the oil filter just needed a new gasket in the beginning i was sure it was the sump all fixed now hope you sort it mate
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Default Re: oil leak

garyv has probably hit the nail on the head, mines doing the same, looks like the sump but the alu oil filter housing has a thin metal gasket behind it and thats leaking on mine easy fix with a rachet, small extension bar and i think the 3 bolts that hold it on are 5mm allen key bit. worth checking though first. spray brake and clutch clearer all around it first then keep a very close eye on it for the first sign of oil seeping out around the bottom of housing. if i remember right the gasket is under 10 from vw vans center
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