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T5 Post Icon Magnetic blinds/curtains

Hi there,

im after a set of magnetic blinds/curtains for the back of my van that just pack away when not being used.

Does anyone know anywhere that stocks or makes them?

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Default Re: Magnetic blinds/curtains

Nope but I thought of making some using old fridge seals sewn into hems... never got around to it but I reckon it would work well
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T5 Post Icon Re: Magnetic blinds/curtains

Get some neodymium magnets (ebay). They're very strong and will do a great job holding the curtain solidly in place.

Make them or get them made out of blackout material or whatever and sew in some pockets for the magnets.

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Default Re: Magnetic blinds/curtains

I have some I could sell you.
Problem is my friend has em at the mo but I can chase him up.
The ones I have are genuine vw from the goodnight pack for a tailgate kombi.just the rear.two centre side windows and a tailgate.
Looking for 80 quid.I'm guessing if they are not the spec your after you can get em from vw if you can get the part numbers.tho I bet they cost about that each from vw.....
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