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Question Uneven tickover

Engine when warm seems to tickover unevenly,
but rev counter needle stays constant
Starts up no probs, and goes really well but when you pull over
it seems to idle as if slightly missing

Was serviced around 1k ago!
Engine ajt 2.5tdi 88bhp 02 reg.
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Old 23-06-13, 21:51
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party Re: Uneven tickover

hi dave dont dispair i spent weeks reserching this i have a few vw trained buddies who were scratching their heads but i ket researching until i found the answer.
there is a post on this forum by viper or is it rhino performance and it was 100% correct and sorted the problem.
if you look for the posting under uneven or lumpy tickover i think its rhino they have put on all the insrtuctions and loging code to hemmer adjust or vagcom adjust the iq settings in the pump.
yo need someone with vagcom go into adaption and log in the code (is o the sheet on the rhino post ) reduce the values the lower number reduces fueling you van keep reducing it until the save button goes unselective once down to the number where the vans runs smooth save it = job done m8
i was told by 3 garages that the pump was knackered and it wasant so i took the sheet info to them and they said they diddnt know that trick so give it a go / my t4 has 320k miles on it and is now sweet and the fuel economy has increased i now get 57+ to a tenner
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Default Re: Uneven tickover

Chances are he sorted it, this thread is over 3 years old

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Default Re: Uneven tickover

dave look for this post it rhino diesel
the post description is Re: Vw T4 2.5 TDI AJT lumpy idle when hot.
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