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HOW TO - Fix 1.9d/td diesel pump throttle spindle leak with pictures.
scottyvdub scottyvdub is offline 30-11-10, 18:03

i thought i would post this how to with photos( as best i can) i had the dreaded leak and came to this site, and read some posts which were very handy, just thought i would share what i got up to today freezing my ass off. i changed the o ring and bush, some change just o ring, some o ring bush and spindle, (price is the thing, and how worn the parts are)

STEP 1. if you need the number from the pump, you will need to take off grill remove fans from rad unclip rad and move to one side. the numbers are a bugger to see if you dont do this, the numbers are facing down wards on the side of the pump in tiny writting i tried a mirror but couldnt see, you will have lots of room to get at the pump so do it any way.

this is my pump 1.9 non turbo, turbos have some extra cubbings, but should be simalar
STEP2. on top of the spindle with the 10mm nut there should be a grove, mark the position of the groove/line, so you can put it back where you started,( i diddnt do this, but with a bit of trial and error got it right again) this next pic is the spindle with the groove/line

STEP3. pop off the throttle cable and dampener bar thingy, undo banjo fitting. shown on first pic blue pipe going to pump. 17mm i think, carefull not to loose 2 copper washers, i put the bolt back into pump with washers
STEP 4. undo 10mm nut on the leaky spindle and remove the arm and return spring which will be under tension, you should have a nut,washer,2 plastic spacer things and the spring, remember how they go, maybe lay them out in order.
STEP 5. remove throttle cable bracket, there is a spring to a lever at the back of my pump, i think its for the manual choke, that just pushes off. undo the 4 allen bolts holding case on. there is a little spring inside that has to go back on to the main pump from the casing when refitting.
this next pic is the spring inside the case.
and the next pic is where it clips back on

STEP 6. i took the spindle off to replace the o ring, the spindle is atached to a spirng thing, the whole unit just turns up and slides out, if you are going to go whole hog replace spindle unit, i removed old o ring, cleaned the groove and replace o ring.and
STEP 7. the bush. my old bush was brass the new one black steel, i had the old bush driven out and new driven in at the place a got the o ring and bush from, you could do it yourself but carefull not to braek the casing, it cost 20 quid all in bush replaced and parts.
next pic is black steel bush poking from top of casing
STEP 8. remove this bolt thing for refitting its very important to remove it with out adjusting it. must be taken out with the nut DONT unscrew it form the end undo from where my index finger is not the screw on the end, its somthing to do with the fueling, the reason to remove it is,it pushes against a spring lever in the pump and the case will be tricky to get back on. next pic is the bolt thingy inside casing next pic is lever where bolt thingy pushes against
STEP 9 right the spindle has been replaced or o ring replaced and spindle refitted if removed, and the bush has been replaced in the casing, clean both faces of body and case, lube the spindle and new o ring, cos its gunna be a tighter fit than the old nackerd one, i used diesel (there will be plenty sat in the pump).
STEP 10. put the whole lot back together.
start by conecting the little spring from case to pump, slide spindle up shaft/bush, it might be tight on the seal, so i tempery put the throttle arm plate on and tightend the 10mm nut which pulled the spindle up through the bush and then took the arm off again.
so now the spring is conected inside the pump and the spindle is up inside the bush. put your allen bolts back in and tighten, put your fuel bolt thingy back in the side of the pump, put your banjo fitting back on, spring thing at the back of pump just pushes back on, throttle cable arm back on then put the return spring and plastic spacers and the throttle arm plate with line in the spindle in right place and tighten 10mm nut. the return spring on the throttle plate is a bit of a bugger but not to bad, i think thats it.
fire her up for a test and put the rest of the van back together
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Re: HOW TO diesel pump throttle spindle leak
30-11-10, 18:20 #2
Van Pro

you are a t4 god i bought the seals and a new bush today and are fitting them tomorrow so your how to post is perfect timing i was wondering about the spring now i know many thanks out of interest how long does it take to do it
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Re: HOW TO diesel pump throttle spindle leak
30-11-10, 18:29 #3
Van Man

it took me a few hours, i had to walk to get the bits. that took an hour. and i had a million cups of tea and fags, to stop me from freezing, but i would say if you have the bits already and somewhere warm it would take 30mins to an hour .its not a bad job just fiddely, but dont rush just take your time. you could spend an hour looking for something you dropped on the floor
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Re: HOW TO diesel pump throttle spindle leak
30-11-10, 19:52 #4
Van Pro

its going to be cold tomorrow but i should be able to last a couple of hours so i should be ok i will let you know how i get on
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Re: HOW TO diesel pump throttle spindle leak
30-11-10, 22:03 #5
Somebody stop me!
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Good job fella, great to see a newbie giving something back to the forum so early on, Kudos to you! I will stick it in the technical articles section in all its glory

Just one little comment to add - Some people might find it easier to just cantilever the rad forward as this usually gives enough access to do the job, might be worth a quick edit to mention this in your how to on top of what you have done.

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Re: HOW TO - Fix 1.9d/td diesel pump throttle spindle leak with pictures.
01-12-10, 13:02 #6
Van Pro

hi scotty did mine today and did the same as you and forgot to mark throttle arm/shaft put it all back together turned the key it started straight away on idle let it warm a little and give it a rev woops it wont rev up i knew it was the throttle arm in the wrong position on the shaft so removed it and moved it around till it reved up ok and idled ok, its all running now with no leaks so im happy but it seems slow to rev up its still covered in snow and im so cold i have not cleared the snow of it and driven it, would you have any idea why i seems slow to pick up when revved i cant think of anything but im sure its something simple(famous last words) thanks for the how to i dont think i could have done it without it ken
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Re: HOW TO - Fix 1.9d/td diesel pump throttle spindle leak with pictures.
01-12-10, 16:56 #7
Van Man

glad it was of some use to you, the only things i can think of are maybe the spindle needs to go round a bit more, it might only be reving at 3/4 throttle or somthing, dont foget it has to idle to power the headlights heater fan and cooling fans, when they come on, on my van i turned the spindle round till the revs picked up a bit, then put the arm on tempry and reved with my hand till it sounded right, then put it on properly, the only other thing is there might still be a bit of air coming up the fuel line as it would of drained backa bit, test drive it might clear, or you will feel if its not quite at full throttle, thats my guess any way
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Re: HOW TO - Fix 1.9d/td diesel pump throttle spindle leak with pictures.
01-12-10, 18:34 #8
Van Pro

hi scotty i did the same with the throttle arm its a balance between idle and top revs ,i am pretty sure i am getting top revs its just a bit slow getting there funny you should mention air there is a lot coming up at the moment i will take it out tomorrow snow permitting we are forcast a lot of it tonight i will let you know how i get on cheers ken
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Re: HOW TO - Fix 1.9d/td diesel pump throttle spindle leak with pictures.
01-12-10, 18:41 #9
Van Man

just thought of another thing it may be, i had a sluggish throttle pedal, felt like there was a delay before it slowley reved. inside the throttle cable from the pedal to the pump there is a spring (its inside the cable cover cant see it ) i think its to give a smooth throttle responce, but they get all gunked up and it dosnt matter how fast you push the pedal its the spring that has to pull the pump arm, if its all gunked up it pulls slowley, to fix the problem i used the magic fix all liquid WD40, take the cable off of pedal end and push through bulk head.
then you can stand in front of the van and pull on the cable to see it move the pump arm, i held it up in the air and squirted wd down it and pulled and relessed till it was free, worth doing anyway, my van went like a rocket after i done this (well a 1.9 diesel rocket)

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Re: HOW TO - Fix 1.9d/td diesel pump throttle spindle leak with pictures.
02-12-10, 11:32 #10
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Good thread

One question ?

How did you know that the seals had gone ? was the engine struggling to idle and poor top end speed due to the pump pressure being low ?

many thanks if you can answer, my enegine is struggling to idle and i think this is the issue been quoted 150 for pump rebuild but can do it myslef if that's the issue.
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