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vw t5 surf bus

28-01-11, 21:47
hi chaps
what do people think of this the reserve is 8000.00 have been had a look at it looks like a good buy, what do you think.



29-01-11, 11:47
looks awsum, im really starting to like these
keep us updated on the sale

29-01-11, 12:58
what makes it a surf bus, no surfboards and it aint by the sea

why was it resprayed when 5 yrs old- whats under there- dents

this is a white van that has been bought cheap, sprayed white, windows cut it , bit of ply , and a set of wheels

Id rather go out and buy a strainght white van for 6k and spend 2 k+ on it myself

sorry but you asked what we thoughtT:

29-01-11, 13:00
bit on the expensive side for my liking with 182,000 on clock 04 plate and how much further is it going in price?

just my thoughts

29-01-11, 14:58
Too much, another one of the chancers on ebay looking for a huge profit for dressing up a white van. As suggested get your own base van and convert yourself. Or be patient and wait for a better priced van.

29-01-11, 15:13
The price is too high for the mileage..

29-01-11, 15:43
thanks lads I get the idea i will keep looking.