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09-03-11, 15:47
i have replaced my broken down 2.4d doka which means this one has to go, it is only on 130k but the engine decided it had had enough last week, to be honest i think it is a big end issue or similar so may be will still run but not a nice sound.

i would take 550 for the whole van as it is, or ill break it this weekend and sell the parts at rock bottom prices, its far too good to scrap, if i had more time i would have repaired the engine and carried on with the project but as it is i have found a similar van of much higher spec so he old one has to go.

drivers door , windscreen surround wings and sills were but other than that it was decent.

brakes running gear and gearbox excellent condition

there is a brand new alternator, fuel filter, oil filter air filter, glowplugs all less than 2000 miles

the van is in teesside (north yorkshire) but parts could be easily brought to bath, or possibly anywhere between (thats alot of the country)

seriously i will sell everything cheaper than anywhere else and hopefully no ebay costs!

check out my photos to see the van, its a white 1992 doka. full rohill aluminum bed

cheers Rob

t4 Zimbo
14-03-11, 05:37
I would snatch this off you if I wasn't abroad until April! Would love to TDi convert and tune it to the limits!

fred 0191
14-03-11, 07:39
First dibs on gearbox and everything else I need to convert my auto to a manual. I live quite close too.

25-03-11, 09:57
how much for the wide mirrors posted?

25-03-11, 12:59
pmd you interested in the whole thing

30-03-11, 17:59
Waiting to confirm about whole van going if not I'll get back to you guys about parts, gabby had a chance to do much with it yet.



28-05-11, 09:36
if breaking im looking for the power steering pump feed pipe.

20-06-11, 21:08
What's wrong with the engine? I'm after a cylinder head from a 5 cylinder 2.4d, what engine code is it?

20-06-11, 22:02
would be intrested in the whole thing T:

21-06-11, 13:17
would also be interested in the whole van...

pm me if you would like a descent offer..T: