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My sister is selling her Caravelle.....traitor!

26-03-11, 13:40
Have no idea how to encapsulate the listing in the thread so you'll have to look it up by the number:



It is a nice Dragon Green late T4 Velle 2.4 Diesel Auto with only mods being a CMC bonnet bra and RS4 replicas....think it has factory tints too (did have an aftermarket stereo when they got it but not sure if they restored the original Gamma or not).

the body and paint is as good as they say as they went and got ll the little usual nicks and scratches professionally sorted when they got it (at a main VW dealer......crazy foo's).

They've just bought a Ford S-Max anyway so I'm officially not talking to them for now.............still, could be worse, they used to drive a V-Class!:*

The bus is nice anyway and clearly wasted on somone intellegent please go and rescue it!:(;)