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20"alloys t4 t5 ????

nasty nick
30-03-11, 21:20
is this right, t4 or t5 ?


nasty nick
01-04-11, 22:16
Will these fit a T4 with no mods?
I'm half tempted:*

01-04-11, 22:24
They might be a bit of a squeeze on the front of a t4 fella

They'll go on as far as pcd goes but it's dependant on your drop

nasty nick
02-04-11, 18:36
Ok, thanks Meatball:ILU:

02-04-11, 20:01
multifit , be carefull with weight load rating for a van !! may be cheap copy wheels

nasty nick
02-04-11, 20:21
Cheers sevy, think i'm going to give it a miss anyway.