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AMAZING camper conversion!!

Top Cat
01-04-11, 12:12
I would love this!!T:


Top Cat
04-04-11, 11:56
Still two days to go :)

04-04-11, 12:07
lovin it cliff richard style!!!!!T:

04-04-11, 12:08
How lovely, definetly summer holiday time:)

04-04-11, 13:26
Not that practical for getting under railway bridges or round small lanes on the way to campsites or the beach ;-)

04-04-11, 21:16
The missus moans enuf about the T4 on the drive.....hmmmm how will I get that to fit???A:

the Green Geko
04-04-11, 21:20
thats awesome T:T:T:

04-04-11, 21:25
That is nuts, I've got D1 on my licence, just checked. Missus is now wondering why I'm checking if I can drive a bus I:

06-04-11, 22:01
I love the bull bar on the front. Not great for pedestrians though!