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Short nose front grill and rear tailgate glass

26-04-08, 21:01
Hi ,
I Have cleared my garage out today and stumbled across a short nose standard grill, badge has been sprayed black but has started to flake (i didnt paint it):ILU:

Also i have a rear tailgate glass if any one is interested:ILU:

30-04-08, 16:34
How much for the glass?

30-04-08, 17:39
So lets get this straight. You change your name from T4Russ to RussT4 because everybody keeps confusing you with T4srus...............................
and then you start selling parts LOL:

Big Bad Bear
30-04-08, 17:53
Oi Rusty thought you was putting that glass in my storage pile LOL:

05-05-08, 22:24
is the glass still for sale ???
pm me if so also looking for sliding door and oiposite side glass