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t4 for sale

15-04-11, 21:19
hi this is my t4 for sale on ebay


pm me if your interested
hope you like it
cheers scott
ps only for sale cus i just got a t5
thanks for looking

16-04-11, 17:24
know one likes it then :(:(:(:(:(

16-04-11, 17:28
Looks like a nice van mate.
May be worth putting some interior photos on the listing too as many people are looking for campers and what it looks like inside could be an important factor.

Good luck with the sale.T:

jo runt
16-04-11, 17:43
T: thats alright that is A:

16-04-11, 21:16
nice one ladsT:T:T:T:T:
i think it will sale
cheers scott

17-04-11, 11:35
i will try add some pic.s later
(photo bucket hell again ) :eek::eek::eek:
watch this space
cheers scott

20-04-11, 10:01
free bump for an early t4

good luck :)

09-05-11, 21:17
has it sold got 3000 if intrested? jay

09-05-11, 21:42
hi mate
sold sold sold
sorry it sold about a month ago i should of posted it
o and it made 4300 T:T: happy days
my mate has a very nice t4 2.5 tdi blue eye 88 bhp in silver on a 2000 reg 18" alloys tinted side windows lowed even got a p.plate on at the mo he,s looking for 4300ish + he,s a vw mechanic so its been very well looked after T:T:
pm if you want his number