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Van Awning

21-04-11, 21:08
Hi, if anyone is interested I am selling a brand new Quechua Seconds Base awning on ebay.

just follow the link below.

Thanks Mick

24-04-11, 07:32
how much are you after? I:

robin wood
24-04-11, 09:09
Is that like a pop up tent that goes up in 3 seconds? My mate runs a campsite over the road and we have great entertainment watching folk trying to fold them up for the first time.A:

24-04-11, 16:00
Hi, I am letting the auction run and get what I can for the tent, no fixed price in mind. All proceeds go to pay towards my sons wedding. He even had to sell his T4 so I feel I need to help.

Yes the tents are a bit funny to watch putting down, but there are some good utube videos telling you how so I can do it in about 2 mins packed into the bag.

Cheers mick

04-05-11, 20:42
I have one great bit of kit as long as you dont go camping in the winter........T:T: