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T5 Multivan Interior

09-05-08, 02:14
Yep, a full interior from a T5 Caravelle Multivan (not the lesser Shuttle).

This consists of a rear three seater bench with 3 x 3 point inertia seat belts built into the actual seat so no modding on the pillars of yer Transporter required! The rear seat can tip back, a bit like a rock n roll bed, and make up into a proper bed. It also has three storage cubby spaces below.

Also, 2 x single rear captains seats, also with their own built in 3 point belts, and these are on swivel bases so can travel facing either way or just face rear for when parked up conferencing/eating/playing strip poker or whatever. These both also have little storage cubby spaces underneath.

And one of them lovely super smooth pop up cassette tables with swiss army knife like drinks holders and what have ya'.

All in a dark charcoal grey fabric.

No floor rails but this don't matter if you bolt them straight to the floor anyway (can recommend someone local who could do this) or the rails come up on German ebay all the time, often for under £100 quid anyway.

This really is super deluxe. Perfect to upgrade your Transporter or Shuttle.

I was planning to do a T4 conversion or wait for a decent T5 panel to come along but just bought a complete T4 Multivan instead now so this set up gotta go!:(

£2350 all in or best offer.:)

(can possibly split but prefer to get rid of together....email me with any Q's)

14-05-08, 14:54
UPDATE....PLEASE READ(yeah go on...)

O.k.............a few genuine people interested in this lot or component parts and a lot of jokers...yes on this forum!!!

So for the record:

I will not deliver these seats.....especially for free....especially if it's half way across the country! You want them, you got to come and get them. You want to try negotiate delivery....it's gonna' cost....'you get owt for nowt' as our Northern Chapter might say!

I will not accept or a cheque....or a bank transfer after the seats have gone....For the record I did not come down with the last shower of rain!

I will not do a 'cash in hand' price whatever that is.....I am not a trader intent on dodging a bit of tax after all......it already IS a cash price!

I will not deal with forum members mates or relatives (especially any rude or demanding ones who I leave 4 voicemail messages for and then they ‘av a go and accuse me of ignoring them….and then try and offer me half price!).

I will not meet you at some dodgy service station. I will not pay £385 for YOUR courier.

From now on I will proceed with caution with any members who’ve literally just registered before making an offer (ebay ain’t stupid are they) especially if you don’t even know what the term T4 means. And I don’t know if this will fit in your ‘smiley-face’ Transit or your Ducatto race-van……your problem for driving such a crate!

I will not let you just come and have a look at it with no intention of buying 'cos you: "seen a rock n roll bed on ebay for £400 quid that seems better". This is not a cheap aftermarket Meccano set seat. To compare it to such is like truffle with turds! If you know what it is you know what its worth. If you don't, then you probably be on the wrong forum (try Citroen Saxo forum, Darwin awards or Chainsaw juggelers.com for kindred spirits on the old I.Q level)!

This is a genuine VW set up and as such is a heavy bugger so next time I get it out of storage and hoof it over for viewing...I want it to be for someone who at least knows what it is and actually intends to buy it. The seats are immaculate and exactly as described. If you don't know what it is then there is Google....I am not Google...if you click my buttons I won't find you images, porn sites and insurance quotes.....I might well however bite.

I also will not:
balance your tax books,
marry your sister,
hide them Pandas in my basement,
dig a basement to hide them Pandas,
write to the Ordinance Survey on your behalf asking them to mark all the good dogging/cottaging sites on their next map for you,
teach you how to not hold a pen in a fashion other than a fist grip, so you can write the letter yourself,
wash your van,
deliver that package to your mate Leroy,
pretend to be your mate Leroy if a man called big Ron phones up,
hold your beer,
tell you your 80' mullet still looks good,
swap my superior pickled onion Monster Munch for your inferior Ready Salted,
mow your lawn,
polish your letter box,
light yer’ fag,
pick up anything from the shop for you,
scratch your scratch card,
rob your rhubarb,
play leapfrog with that unicorn…or clip your toe nails.

T5 Multivan seats for sale. You give me money, I give you seats...how hard is it????

30-05-08, 08:26
Are you saying that these will not fit a 2CV?

10-06-08, 17:57
are these now sold?

AJC Conversions
11-06-08, 16:10
Totally excellent post.LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:LOL:
I agree with everything you say! lots of timewaster around.
Good luck with the sale mate.
p.s You would not want to marry my sisterRasp:

11-06-08, 16:22
Rant over Surfdaddy!!! that is a legendary post T:T:T:

11-06-08, 19:15
Nice kit, and when you break it down that is a decent price.
Good luck with the sale, it will totally make someones van. :ILU:

Luck Dave
30-08-08, 13:58
Would all this fit in a T4 SWB? or would I need to loose the middle seats?

30-08-08, 15:04
whats pandas got to do with anything?

Luck Dave
30-08-08, 15:34
Im so tempted after seeing pics of jimbos van!

Does anyone have any pics of the dark charcoal grey fabric?

01-09-08, 14:07
Will stick some pics up tonight if got time.:)

02-09-08, 02:31


02-09-08, 06:35
still dont know what pandas have got to do with anything I:

02-09-08, 20:54
Yep, possibly happy to split guys.....in fact, if it don't go via the forum I'll might list it all seperately on ebay anyway.

I was thinking £700 for the chairs and £250 for the table.....IF I can get anyone interested for the rear bench/bed (least £1650 on it's own)*....tis all in mint nik.

I can bring any of these to Vanwest tomorrow (Sunday if I have confirmed orders....but NOT just for a look as these are flippin' heavy).

*Have since had one offer of £1900 for the rear seat alone.....guy hasn't turned up with the dosh yet though so if you want this or any single part of the kit, make me an offer...c'mon don't make me do all the work, bet none of you were shy when sorting a price on yer vans!

Here you go...for those of you that P.M'd me about just certain components.:)

02-09-08, 20:58
Oh and re fitting:

This kit can be bolted to the van floor with suitable brackets fabricated but originally it is designed to slide up and down on rails that are installed in the floor of the T5. When these interiors do come up (about as often as a Solar eclipse) they usually don't have the floor rails with them quite simply becase they are a complete bitch to take out of the T5. You have to get the thing up in the air and remove the fuel tank and other gubbins to do this. I took this one out of the donor vehicle myself which the guy was just convering into a custom camper so he was reluctant to go to the hassle of removing the rails.

The good news however is that the rail systems are on German ebay all the time. I've seen them go for less than 150 euros and you can also get all the floor surrounds and proper carpet which don't need much modding to go in the T4. I can give you the translations etc for the German ebay search words. Most German ebayers are willing to sell to U.K buyers as well, even if this isn't listed in the ad'. You can use Google Translate or whatever to translate the entire Geman ebay page and then communicate (although a lot of German sellers speak English in my experience). You can also use really good German couriers like GLS, who have an english website and phone service and a brill' tracking service. Oddly, it is even cheaper to ship stuff over here from Germany than to use British couriers to deliver things within the U.K in my experieince too!

Hope that helps, P.M me if any questions.:ILU::):ILU:

05-09-08, 20:48
Going on ebay tonight then.:ILU:

08-09-08, 21:11
This be it::ILU:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VW-MULTIVAN-CARAVELLE-BED-TABLE-CAPTAIN-SEATS-T5-T4-T3_W0QQitemZ180286296300QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item18 0286296300&_trkparms=72%3A1121%7C39%3A1%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C 240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286

08-09-08, 21:13
Some of you have asked for the link. This be it::ILU:

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VW-MULTIVAN-CARAVELLE-BED-TABLE-CAPTAIN-SEATS-T5-T4-T3_W0QQitemZ180286296300QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item18 0286296300&_trkparms=72%3A1121%7C39%3A1%7C66%3A2%7C65%3A12%7C 240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286

10-09-08, 19:14
Tis reet comfy mind..............maybe I can take to Vanfest? Useful???

12-09-08, 19:44

22-09-08, 19:29
Had a bit more interest on this: last dibs for Forum members before it goes back on Evil-bay........getting lonely being the only one posting on this thread!

27-09-08, 13:33


07-10-08, 08:13
Hi, Are the seats still for sale, just sent you a PM (I take it this is the same set as for sale on the T4 treasure hunt listing?) cheers.

25-10-08, 13:18
sold sold sold sold sold

To coolblue: what a thoroughly nice chap!:ILU::):ILU:

25-10-08, 14:21
congrtatulations! A:A:A:A:A:A:A:A: