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Caravelle Rear bench seat

19-05-08, 13:57
Caravelle rear bench seat, could do with a clean. Can take pics if anyone is interested, middle lap belt no side ones unfortunately.

50 ono

Located in Kent atm
Looking for a quick sale.

22-05-08, 21:22
This still going for sale sihills??
If so may be interested...does it fold flat. PM me with a picture of it up and flat if poss.

03-06-08, 12:31
any chance thay are diagenal gray/blue stripy ?

03-06-08, 13:39
Can I join the queue? I take it it's a treble? I am in Kent also so can pick no probs.

03-06-08, 13:48
sorry guys **** at replying been on hols, afraid its gone now. sorry. Si

03-06-08, 22:46
But mine's still for sale :D and I will take a ridiculous offer I: