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petrol 2 liter engine and componants

Jeremiah Johnson
12-11-07, 18:09
Have a two litre petrol engine i need to find a home for .. drives well drove caravelle back in forth as fifth was knackered .. was very imrpressed with fuel consumption (wondering if it work for a dead 1.9 diesal van as all the trimmings are availble and in my opinion is as good an engine)

I addition to that all the trimmings under the hood are availble too open to offers for altenator that sort of thing etc

01938 811 255
0r email [email protected]

Mr Big
12-11-07, 22:27
Dont suppose it had power steering? If so, I'm interested in any of the associated parts you've got....pump, pump bracket, rack etc.


Mr Big
12-11-07, 22:30
Oh and idle stabilisation valve if it idled ok from cold?

Jeremiah Johnson
12-11-07, 22:31
it did pump knackered braket sold........ rack is awkward i need to get the shell on a trailer to get to scrappy ... any ideas?

Jeremiah Johnson
12-11-07, 22:32
it idled fine but i aint got a clue what that bit is :confused:

Jeremiah Johnson
12-11-07, 22:34
why dont you make an offer on the whole engine trimmings and all every thing under the hood so long as we can jury rig the wheels for a bit of movement to load shell up

sort of need it moved in the next two weeks

Mr Big
12-11-07, 23:39
Normally I would mate, but given its 6 weeks to xmas I have neither the money nor the space. I will try and find a pic of the ISV. Am interested in the rack if you can do it (and the lines if you still have them) but dont want you breaking your back in the process.

Whereabouts in wales are you?

Jeremiah Johnson
13-11-07, 07:19
just over the border about twenty mins from shrewsbury

dont want much for it mate just buy a chicken instead of a turkey

Mr Big
13-11-07, 19:57
How much we talking then? Drop me a pm ;)

Jeremiah Johnson
13-11-07, 20:07
i have pm you