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Carpeted panels for SWB window van

Andy P
20-05-08, 13:49
I had an accident in my ex AA but managed to save the interior hoping for a new van.

Well the new van came along already lined so i've got some panels for sale.

The side panels are ply and carpeted.
The read doors are standard trim with carpet.
The head lining comes standard and uncovered.
Two carpeted wheel arch box's with lids (uncarpeted) I used these to rest my hinged bed on.
Some spare carpet not much (you could buy some to match from CMC to do the head lining with).
Some underlay.

The side panels have a small tear where the bed was fixed on both sides. If you were to copy my design this would be covered by the bed.

One of the side panels has a collapseable shelf which i used to put my laptop on to watch films.

I have kept the bed i made and the carpeted head lining for my new van

I think 80 is fair

Any questions please ask

Andy 07763849677

In my old van

Andy P
19-10-08, 08:32
still for sale

Andy P
05-01-09, 21:04
still for sale

05-01-09, 21:54

Were the rear doors salvaged and if so I would be interested if they are for sale.


Andy P
05-01-09, 22:13
hi, no the vans long gone i'm affraid. Just the panels for sale

06-01-09, 21:47
Thanks for the reply.

07-01-09, 14:48
Is this still available, would you take an offer of 50?

07-01-09, 19:21
Very interested in the panels, happy to pay your price, but would you meet me in Salisbury (I live near Bath)?

Andy P
08-01-09, 11:40
Hi All,

Thanks for the interest, these are on a first come first serve basis. Ric is first in the que, will contact the next person if the sale doesn't go through.


Jonny Smith
08-01-09, 12:43
If it all falls through get in touc with me, as Im also interested in them and will pay the full 80!


13-01-09, 21:24
are these panels still available???

Andy P
14-01-09, 12:35
Hi All,

Sorry These are now sold