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rs6 wheels + tyres 164

27-05-08, 20:34
these wheels are in worcester i won these off ebay but need collecting 4 off 18 rs6 wheels with legal tyres so get yours self a bargin. have found a set of rare wheels that i'm going to put on. so formore details let me know. no dreamers or timewasters please. thats got to be the cheapist set you will ever buy. pictures now added one wheel has been welded. 3 tyres ok. you can buy loaded rated from ears motorsport 40 a tyre fitted

28-05-08, 08:08
whats there load rating?

28-05-08, 08:11
Got any pics? Or a the Ebay number? Cheers!

28-05-08, 13:08
PM sent.....

28-05-08, 18:39
i'll have them if they are not gone yet.

28-05-08, 19:40
if its not sorted I am close and they would be perfect. cheers Jon

28-05-08, 21:23
Hi Do you still have the wheels? Cheers Si:D

29-05-08, 14:51
only people who are interested no more dreamers please if you want as new wheels with new tyres go on ebay there 500 so no more time wasters pleaseI:

29-05-08, 19:25
sold to mr big cheers craig hope they look cool thanks for not messing me about if only other people were like that.I:

29-05-08, 19:36
Well done Mr Big (? who's that?)

Did you get my pm? Too late I guess.

29-05-08, 19:40
Yeh I Did Went In Order That I Had Recieved Them To Try And Make It Fair. Better Luck Next Time I:

Mr Big
31-05-08, 20:38
Picked them up this morning, cheers Jamie!

Look ok after a clean....cant wait to get them on the van :D

31-05-08, 21:17
brilliant see all the dreamers out there wanting the world 164 glade you got them craig top bloke.I:

01-06-08, 15:16
Hey! hope the dreamer coment was not aimed at me I would of picked them up same day!

01-06-08, 18:00
gutted they would of done the business!!

i will trawl ebay now! :(

01-06-08, 18:55
the dreamer comment was aimed at they know who. if i didn't pm you back then it wasn't you just went in order of who pm first and worked down the list. so sorry to the people who wanted them and were lower down the list.I: