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30-05-08, 20:16
Thought I would post a new thread as would get lost in my other one. (excuse the blatant post whoring)

Very pleased!!! And mega comfy. I loved driving the van before - but now...... ! :cool: :ILU:

30-05-08, 20:21
sweeeeeeeeeet me thinks mayby better than the audi tt seats :confused:

30-05-08, 20:32
I think so! ..... T: These are quality seats and you can just tell. Height adjustment, lumber, heated and airbags!

30-05-08, 20:35
Nice seats like mine but you've got more leather T:T: Got any piccies of the fitting???

30-05-08, 20:40
Nice seats like mine but you've got more leather T:T: Got any piccies of the fitting???

Cheers. I was going to take pics as I went but only went by what had already been posted on here really. These rails were only slightly wider which made it a bit more tricky compared to being alot wider! You'll know what I mean if you've fitted a set! But I am very pleased, they are fitted super strong, prob better then the originals! Even matt black'd the new nuts and thread to look factory!

02-06-08, 10:21
I've got these in tan/sand colour. Hoping to fit soon but I need to cannabalise the rear seat to repair the drivers seat. Either that or buy some alcantara off the roll and replace the fabric sections....

I've also got the doorcard and am trying to work out if anything from the rear seats and doorcards can be used in my T4... any ideas?

02-06-08, 12:04
What did you do with the wiring underneath?

As I seem to have LOADS of wires under there! I assume they must be heating, airbags, fasten seatbelt etc

02-06-08, 20:12
I really didn't notice alot of wires under there!

14-10-08, 22:25
You may not need to canabalise rear seats depending how bad your drivers one is. Have a look at this link, you may be able to repair. I am just about to have a go at changing the colour of my beige ones to black with light grey seating panels, if all goes well I'll let you know.