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something to take your mind of diesel prices

02-06-08, 19:21
have a look at this ideal for a t4 ageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

02-06-08, 19:24
Thats cheap cough coughLOL::ILU:

team french
02-06-08, 19:43
my names not tanya thoRasp:

02-06-08, 20:04
Nor's mine,

03-06-08, 10:40
Since its so cheap i might buy 2 LOL:

Big Bad Bear
03-06-08, 11:20
Yep I sent him an Offer of 39.99 hope he accepts it I:

03-06-08, 12:09
Why did I get Nick?? Bloody parents, if only they'd called me Tanya!!

That was a reply but I needed to get to 300 posts. At Last :)

18-10-08, 20:19
WHAT....... What did I miss......... the link is no good, its not for sale anymore. What was it?? ( I am called Tanya by the way ):confused::confused::confused:

Rising Sun Campers
18-10-08, 21:40
i missed it too!

19-10-08, 09:09
it was a private plate auctions ended now it was T4 NYA

the price was 39000,00 yep 39k
keep dreaming because without dreams we are trully lost

19-10-08, 11:04
I bought T66 NYA a couple of years ago for 500!!
Obviously no good for a T4 - but fine for my name! And when T6s come out.........

19-10-08, 18:41
how is your name toonya or tggnya I:

19-10-08, 18:44
only prob with T4 plates is unless your in to them no one else knows theyre a private plate as theyre not generally known as t4s theyre caravelles , transporters ,vw vans

19-10-08, 19:40
how is your name toonya or tggnya I:

Now look 'ere - sqint a bit and it bloody well says Tanya !!!:mad:

Anyway no-one knows what my T5 reg means either T5 KDF - any ideas??? (not the T5 bit, obviously. The KDF bit)

It is vw related.... so not krafty devilish bitch for example LOL:LOL:LOL:

19-10-08, 21:26
your right kdf is vw related cant remember what it stands for something to do with vintage cabriolets i think

20-10-08, 19:19
Kraft durch freude - strength through joy!
All the first beetles were called KDF wagens, it was the vw slogan.
When looking for a T5 plate it was the only three letters that were relevant - all the others,TOY,VAN,BUS,DUB, ETC had gone. For 170 it did the job......and it sorts the anoracks from the crowds I: