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my spare car on flea bay

Chuffin Hell
28-09-11, 19:54

renaults r the future :D

retro si 8
29-09-11, 15:38
Oh well thats the p/x off then.....

retro si 8
29-09-11, 15:40
Dear miniota0001,

Hi mate like your car can you please let me know what shade of green it is as I'm colour blind and deaf as well,are the tyres Pneumatic or solid like a milk float.By the way is that a Nissan van behind the car for sale as well oh I do like a Nissan van you know best colour is hearing aid beige,what do you think ? White always makes the driver look like he has a permatan.
Anyway would you consider a px against a Robin reliant delux as last seen on top gear (this one has been driven and crashed by no over than James May's second cousins best mates next door but three's uncle from Austria Adolf Chuffmanstien who by all accounts is he man in side the tinky winky costume on telly tubbies )so as we are doing a px I do think that the Robin is worth more than your Vehicle so may be lets say 1500 cash my way.

All the best hope to hear some good news soon.

Chuffin Hell
29-09-11, 16:40
hi si thx for ur offer but am lookin for cash LOL:

Chuffin Hell
03-10-11, 18:30
30 mins left and someones finally bid T:

03-10-11, 19:05
whats the matter didnt it have the va va voom I:

Chuffin Hell
03-10-11, 19:11
whats the matter didnt it have the va va voom I:

LOL: it had more va va voom than me van LOL: