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Rs 8's

09-06-08, 20:48
18" RS8 alloys
et 35
good (92 rated) tyres

150 ono

11-06-08, 21:35
hey bud looking for a set of loys, these look great, would like first dibs if they'rs not gone already, prob is i'm in swansea would you consider posting them. also do any of them need new tyres and will they just fit straight onto my t4, cheers brett:)

11-06-08, 21:52
if the tyres are good mate i will have second dibs only in donny for easy pick up cheers

jeffery lady killer
11-06-08, 21:53
next in line if poss?? i can get courier to collect if ok!!


11-06-08, 23:45
4th dibs please lol

12-06-08, 10:35
Sorry guys, been offline a couple of days....

The wheels were on my bus when I bought it (from vw transporter styling) so they should be fine

The tyres are ok, I can check exact tread depth tonight to be sure

I would prefer if you could sort your own courier if poss (have no boxes or anything) my postcode is SP9 7PE

This sale includes the centre caps (with VW badge) and the wheel nuts (not locking though)

Will update tonight


12-06-08, 14:40
If non of the above dont take the wheels ill come over saturday with the cash pm me if u want to do the deal

12-06-08, 17:56
Forgot my tread depth gauge, but with my dodgy measuring technique, I reckon theres a good 5 mil at least on the tyres

12-06-08, 18:04
last dibs T:

12-06-08, 18:44
sounds great just need to look into a courier service now to swansea, any you could recommend? also whats the best method to pay you??? :ILU:

12-06-08, 18:45
dibs after hecky :ILU::ILU::ILU: can pick up only in lancs yorks border :ILU:

12-06-08, 18:48
I got some 19" RS8's in Cardiff also if anyone is interested? (

12-06-08, 18:51
How much? tyres any good Eru?

12-06-08, 18:59

Wheels sold, Sorry !