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Caravelle carpet for sale

12-06-08, 12:07
Rear portion of 2000 SWB twin slider caravelle carpet for sale

Light grey. The carpet is not pristine, but the condition can be seen in the photo below, the measurements were taken for a project i was considering (The project is slightly different now!) Please note it is the rear part of the carpet behind the front seats.

Apparently a little bit of the foam backing came off whern the carpet was removed, but not much.

I havent got a clue how much this is worth (if anything) so make it worth me bringing it back from where the velle is being worked on. Collection only - I live in Bracknell, Berks.

John R

12-06-08, 18:40
I don't suppose it's being worked on in devon is it?;)

12-06-08, 18:50
Would love it as i need a one for my caravelle(mine had wheelchair clamps on) but live in Newcastle!S not financially viable to do a 500 mile round trip.
Sure you cant courier i will give a decent price.
Mel 07710485240

12-06-08, 22:32
RoadCaptain - Might be :D

CaddyDaddy - I dont know how big it will be to courier up I will know more on Monday when I pick up the van (from Devon!) I didn't think it would be economical to courier/post. This velle did have wheelchair clamps in as well (you can just make out the imprint on the carpet).

John R

13-06-08, 06:21
How much you looken for?

Can collect with notes if required.

PM please.

13-06-08, 09:12
If you was selling the front cab carpet I would be very interested? :)