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New waterproof seat covers for T4

17-11-07, 12:47
Hi these are brand new in bag, slate grey coloured waterproof seat covers - specific to a VW T4. They have a part number, but I'm not sure if they're a genuine part or not. Bought off ebay for my old van but never used. Now have a caravelle with twin single front seats so not needed.

I'm looking for a few quid for them, plus at a guess about 5 for postage - please PM me and make an offer.

From the manufacturers package label:

Waterproof seat covers

VW T4 dual and single with armrests


Kit contents

2 arm rest covers
1 single seat squab cover
1 single seat cushion cover
1 dual seat cover assy
3 headrest covers

17-11-07, 17:37
I would be interested in these. pm'd you

17-11-07, 19:30
Now provisionally sold to T4Scooby - thanks to all those that replied.

18-11-07, 10:53
payment made
pm'd u me details