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Audi A4 16" Wheels + tyres for sale

21-06-08, 12:19
A4 wheels and Fulda 215/55/16/97H (85 each new)tyres for sale
One pair of tyres has 7mm tread and the others have got 2-3mm
Wheels were professionally resprayed in a bodyshop 2 years ago (2k laquer)
Wheels are in very good condition with only a couple of small marks-no curbing marks
They have VW badges fitted instead of Audi
I will include a Galaxy/Sharan(same fit) alloy for a spare with a Michelin MXM XL tyre with 6-7mm tread (over 100 new)
225 ono
Please email my brother for details [email protected]
Can email more pics on request

27-06-08, 05:58
hup :)..........

30-06-08, 20:23
These are some nice rims people........ Different from the norm too

04-07-08, 19:19
Sold to Rustybus
Cheers Pete, nice to have met you :)

05-07-08, 05:35
Thank you Jason. Nice to meet you too T: