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Finally got one !

23-06-08, 20:41
Hi all

Long time no post on here, but i was at a carlisle meet up at about september time (roughly) and have been on the lookout for a decent T4 for a wile. I'm 17, on a provisional licence and finally got me a t4 :D it's a S.reg 1999 2.5tdi(blue I) white panel van, no windows yet, the odd scratch and the odd dent but nothing a weekend in a body shop won't solve.
I plan on lowering the van, fitting some 18's, fitting and tinting two rear windows, colour coding it, maybe some vinyls, re-plyling the back and carpeting it... From then on who knows, if all is a success maybe captians chairs and a Rock&Roll bed/seats.

Could anybody advise where would be best for me to find/buy the following -

Driverside wing-mirror
Rear bumper
Two side windows - Solid black tinted glass, slim(no opening)

Thanks all in advance


T4 Tom
23-06-08, 21:20
Welcome :)

Mirror - Try the parts for sale on here.

Bumper - Also try on here

Windows - VW sell them and they are not that expensive but I don't think they come tinted

I've found its often worth asking your local VW dealer as parts are not always cheaper from other companies and especially not on ebay.

Good luck, sounds like a nice van


23-06-08, 21:49
And more suggestions:


Mirror & bumper:

24-06-08, 08:45
Well done Henley,
only 17 and already got a T4, what ambition could possibly be left now. Its all over!!!
I bet that insurance is a beeeeeetch.
P.S. My 14 year old son is determined to have a T25 by the time he passes his test, shame a tank full of fuel for it will cost more than the van by then.

24-06-08, 14:42
Welcome to the forum T:

team french
24-06-08, 15:27
hi henley, good to hear you found oneT:

for your windows see chris here he might be able to help you(wrong side of carlisle for you tho:() think stan the van may be able to help you with the tints but you would have to ask:dunno: get your self along to allonby this sunday tho, tis the next meet( and said people might be there;))

24-06-08, 17:37

25-06-08, 22:04
Hi, thanks all for the inputs.. phone calls are gonna be made

and yeah, the Van was off e-bay, came boarded out, but we are goona re do it all again and insulate it propperly

Thanks all