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Starter motor keeps going

24-06-08, 15:38
Every time i start my van the starter motor (i think it's the starter) makes a noise for a few seconds after the van it on it's way out or should it be alright for a while yet?.
i use the van to pick up my kid so i don't want it breaking down on me!.

24-06-08, 15:46
Sounds like you either have a sticky soleniod or a sticking starter com - take the starter off to begin with and ensure that the throw out pinion which connects to the fly wheel is free moving and not all gunged up - if that's ok it could well be the solenoid, try a new or second hand one.

It won't last long as it is, you'll burn the starter out.


fat bloke no fingers
25-06-08, 21:52
Got a problem with mine to but been like it since before i got the van back in Feb :confused:
Always starts when its cold, but never first turn when its warm ?

I know a new ones about 85 at a local supplier, but this one seems to go on and off in fits and starts so i was trying to hang it out to the last I: