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camping question ?

25-06-08, 15:56
looking at going out in the van camping, we have a awning and all the camping gear etc but has yet we haven't any beds in the van , so what were going to do is blow up mattress and sleeping bags , cooking and sitting in the awning during the day. When we book in at a camp site do we get charged as a motorhome or tent ? its not a motor-home its only got a mattress, also any recommendations castleton area camp sites
cheers jarvo T:

25-06-08, 16:08
good question last year i tried to book a site the rule no vans at all i am in the same boat as you this year only part converted best of luck

Veidda vans
25-06-08, 16:31
Went to Newpark in Port Einon on Gower last year, same rule....NO VANS:(

Only difference was that the owner of the campsite asked me if I would park my van outside his house:eek::eek:

think he was a closet T4istLOL:LOL:LOL:

25-06-08, 16:40
I have always just said "1 vehicle, 1 tent" when booking.
Zip up the awning at night so it looks like a tent.

I have never had any problems so far

25-06-08, 18:26
I'd do what nealglover said and book as one vehicle and tent. I'm guessing they worry about travellers just pitching up for the night and not sodding off! Try this website for some camping sites, you might be able to phone a few in advance just to let them know what you're driving and if they would have a problem with it!

Good luck mate, have fun:ILU:

25-06-08, 19:13
Most campsites that don't allow motorhomes do it due to a lack of space to cope with big coachbuilt monsters. A T4 is no bigger than the average family wagon so I doubt anyone would have a problem if you just asked up front.

Personally I have never bothered though :D

25-06-08, 20:56
i would just book in as a camper van with awning cost pretty much the same nowadays anyway and unless you require electric theyl probably stick you with the tents anyway

26-06-08, 18:19
We got charged as a tent because we did not have elec hook up T:

26-06-08, 18:48
Went to Newpark in Port Einon on Gower last year, same rule....NO VANS:(

How strange, I camped there on the weekend!

HOWEVER, AVOID THE PLACE! It's changed ownership and gone downhill. They made us camp with the motorhomes due to a no commercial vehicle policy (not like I have signwriting) but anyway, they charge and excessive amount but what annoyed me was the surcharging. Believe it or not as well as needing tokens for the showers (of the 3 they had 2 are being refurbished leaving just 1 shower!), there are NO hot taps in the toilet block and worse still THEY DON'T PROVIDE TOILET PAPER!!! You actually have to remember to take your own before going to the loo!

Bloody crazy. I'd rather pay an extra 1-2 per night and have all that included as you'd expect. No wonder the counter now sports a sign with big red letters "NO REFUNDS!".

We took a tent and slept in that claiming the van was just a people carrier at other sites and they were happy with that. I would HIGHLY recommend "Rowston Park" in the village of New Hedges, just outside Tenby. Excellent value at 15 and a brilliant site as well as being van friendly.

26-06-08, 19:17
There was talk a few weeks ago about starting a list of T4-friendly sites but nothing ever happened.

I've personally never had a problem with camping in the T4 (or any other van for that matter and I camped regularly in Mitsubishis and Bedford Rascals before my T4s) but heard some horrendous tales from other forum members. Cornburn was telling me at Camperjam that they got booted out of a campsite in Wales following 6 complaints overnight from motorhome owners. The campsite's reason was that they didn't like people 'doing it on the cheap'. :eek: I would've kicked off proper!

Rhosneigr Gaz
26-06-08, 19:30
kicked off? I'd ave set fire 2 em all! Why are some people so narrow minded? My 1st T4 had a full conversion but i never put windows in! It was 100% camper tho, sod em all, old pensioned off farts in polluting Rv's!

26-06-08, 19:48
doing it on the's camping. if were to be no expense spared it would be a 5 star hotel surley

26-06-08, 20:02
its amazing the snobbery involved with camping these days its nought but plain vanism its bound to be against human rights to discriminate LOL:

26-06-08, 20:09
doing it on the's camping

Amen to that.

26-06-08, 20:30
I allways go to Oxwitch and stay at green way's. Very good site and t4's wellcome. :ILU:

26-06-08, 20:41
you want to go here..
scroll down and look at my pics
excellent site .. great views.. no myther.. indoor pool if its cold ..and a bar restraunt..
just bought a inflatable boat and outboard..
will be back a soon as the sun shines..

enjoy T:

26-06-08, 20:54
good idea about listing good friendly sites lets have your views on this

26-06-08, 21:15
Just got back from Snowdonia. Camped at Llyn Gwynant Campsite.
They charge by Persons not vechicles and tents. Parked my van and my new Spacemaker awning from JK for 2 weeks. Highly reccommend this site to anyone. No shops no rip offs just a very good toilet and shower block