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boot sale bargain

loud ed
26-06-08, 19:02
well happy just brought 2 K&N air filters for 8 the pair both boxed.
got back home and fitted one on my van and one on my wifes car
mine makes a loverly grumbling noise and you can hear the turbo cutting in and it has also improved my acceleration.
the one i have fitted to my wifes honda is better still the engine no longer sounds like a sowing machine and its improved acceleration enough to put a smile on her face every time she puts her foot down I:

26-06-08, 22:51
well done dude i got a good car boot deal the other day too i got a brand new pair of Sony 6x9's 160w and also a pair of pioneer 10cm 80w speakers all brand new and boxed still iwth templates and everything for a tenner!!!!