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German Ebay

27-06-08, 09:20
Wanting to buy a load of stuff off of german ebay... However, having serious difficulties creating an account with them!!! Does any body have any tips or know how to do it? Don't speak a word of German, so been using an online translator to help me out...

Jono :ILU:

27-06-08, 09:53
Can you not just log in with your username and password?? That works for me. T:

27-06-08, 09:58
I just log into then do a search for items available in the EU and that normally works.


27-06-08, 10:02
Just log in using your uk details, just tried it now for myself, works fine, it is all written in german though, very amusing, for a minute.

27-06-08, 10:17
as it say above just use your uk ebay user id to log into , you can find a link at the very bottom of the ebay home page ,( list of countries ) click on "germany"

now buying off of can be a tricky thing now and again , i use to buy 2 to 4 sets of golf alloys wheels a week from germany to resell on , a couple of things you need to check with the seller even before you place a bid is confirmation that they will post to england + postage costs also whether they accept paypal . not many germans use paypal as they have a free bank transfer system , if they dont use paypal a bank transfer to germany will cost you around £25.00 from a uk bank which could make that bargain a little expensive .

Viel Glück, du verrückt Engländer

27-06-08, 10:28
may i suggest this company-

they did good combined shippng- rear clusters, front indicators and grill for 20 euros. i ordered on monday and it arrived on friday, seriously!
i was assuming it to be a hassle so i had german ebay and uk ebay open at the same time. in german ebay i copied the item number and posted it into uk ebay then saved the item to my ebay. probably wasnt necessary but i tend to do this all the time!
like someone said earlier its still probably worth making contact first to confirm they can post to you.
good luck.T:

27-06-08, 12:43
You can copy the description and paste it into, hey presto readable translationT:

27-06-08, 20:17
I use the Google "translate a webpage" function to work out the listing text. Then if I want to buy I stick the item number into UK ebay so all the ebay buttons are in English.

28-06-08, 15:39
Can you not just log in with your username and password?? That works for me. T:

To be totally honest.. I never even tried to log in with my uk account.... :bhd Its always the simplest of things that seem to evade me sometimes... Gonna give it a go right now!!!
If it doesn't work... Goin to have to go back to the faithful online translator!!!

Cheers guys...

Jono :ILU:

30-06-08, 08:23
Hello from Germany. ;)

Simply log in with your and then visit . Should work properly.

Or: Visit the .de-website and then log in.

Something odd: If you have logged in in the .de-website, you have to log in at the again if you visit it. Seems to be the cookie, it's bound to the website.

But: Use the "Watch this item in My eBay"-option and then login at your eBay (

Then you can get the amount in Pound - like me getting it in €.


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