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Ill be lagging behined now

27-06-08, 15:26
Just wanted to say thanks to all for support, yesterday was a crazy day, considering the size of my missus 8lb14 is a woppa, shes identical twin to my first angel, now daddy has two girls, ive had the usual "Youre not having anymore!" and to be honest im quite content at this moment, girls always prefer their daddy so im blessed, simon will also tell you i find it very difficult to turn off from work mainly because i deal with decent people and i feel that even if im not at work there still may be someone who needs some tlc, well my wife and daughters are getting that attention now, havent spoken to anyone at work today but ill be in for a few hours tomorrow.

as for the lagging behind bit, i dont have the energay to add to my post counts today, just wnated to let you know we were all doing fine and the pic on my girls will be up shortly, hope you all have a great weekend

27-06-08, 15:29

27-06-08, 19:02
well done mate T:

27-06-08, 19:25
congrats dude A:

Big Bad Bear
27-06-08, 19:38
As again Daz congrats and see ya in the morning

27-06-08, 20:20
Snap mate, 2 girls for me to. the second being 10lb 3!!! :eek:

Congrats to you all T:

29-06-08, 19:26
sweet dude:ILU:

30-06-08, 13:31
must say h8 bein stuck at home

30-06-08, 13:33
You get used to it I:

30-06-08, 13:34
oh no thatl never happen, just been to the zoo with the oldest and was chatting to two owners who saw my jacket had vw on it, gave them my card and the patter!