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Bass Under Multivan Rear Seats ?

27-06-08, 16:36
Im looking for some Bass !

Need something that will fit under the multivan rear seat, I reckon there is 8" clearance height wise, and I am having trouble finding anything decent to fit in the space.

It would need to be an enclosure with the sub facing upwards otherwise I cant go any bigger than a 6" sub ?

Anyone got any ideas ?


27-06-08, 17:23
How about these
Clarion SRV313 - approx 120

Alpine SWE1000 - approx 110

I'll keep looking

27-06-08, 17:24
Why dont you do what I done and put a 10" sub in the front looks better than a center console and saves your space in the back. :ILU:

27-06-08, 17:34
I got the Alpine one under the front passenger seat. Works good for me.
Could fit it anywhere I suppose. It comes with plenty of wires, enough to reach the back of the van easily and a control you mount near the front to change the settings.
I recommend it but I'm no bass junkie

27-06-08, 17:36

or this ?


nice constructive reply!!

Did you get the Tailgate?

27-06-08, 17:50
The under seat options are OK but not sure they will have enough "Guts" really ??
hard to say though really without testing one out.

The Front mounted option does loog good, although I removed and sold my Centre console after two weeks as I had nowhere to put my left foot on long trips :D
so thats not ideal either im afraid.

fussy fussy :D

Your Missed an obvious one 'Nana !!!

Hee Hee ! (picking up the tailgate monday T:)

27-06-08, 18:17

I've ordered one of these for my Multivan.. Pioneer and only 8cm high!!!!

27-06-08, 18:18
How about on the floor duh!!!! LOL:

Mike Y
27-06-08, 19:19
Here's my solution - an RE Audio RE8 8" sub in a sealed 0.3 cu ft box

Made to fit perfectly under the driver's seat

Powered by an Alpine amp under the double passenger seat

With DLS 4" coaxial speakers in the standard dash positions and DLS 6.5" coaxial speakers in the rear crossed over at 80Hz (so those little dash speakers don't have to work too hard)

How does it sound?... T: :D (well I like it!)

26-09-08, 20:07
Clarion SRV313 - approx 120

Alpine SWE1000 - approx 110

Has anyone tried these?

What do they sound like? Im after similar... possible the blaupunkt ones aswell:


Si T: