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lining carpet

27-06-08, 21:35
Hi folks.

I am coming to the carpeting stage on my van very shortly and just wondering if Anybody can recommend or anyone used these people for lining carpet,

More interested in the quality really than the price as I thought the price didnt seem too bad to me with the adhesive included.I:


27-06-08, 22:47
Had lining carpet (graphite) and a rear floor carpet (templated and bound) delivered from Mark at megavanmats this week.....chuft to bits with it and the service has been 1st class T:

Very very helpful setup, highly recommended A:


Chris :ILU:

28-06-08, 11:56
I am starting to do non-backed carpet (alot easier to work with and manipulate) in any colour with 8 tins of glue for 100. The spray adhesive is proffessional quality and I have used to glue many, many ply panels and headlining without ever any sag. I can also supply ply already carpeted.

Just sorting out becoming a trader on here but in the meantime please pm me if I can help in any way.

Regards, T4World.

28-06-08, 13:54
hi there
done a fair bit of carpet gluing and i find evo-stic contact adhesive to be the best(stuff in the red tin with a small brush)its a pain to apply with the brush but it sticks like do do to a blanket tried spray adhesives and they worked on floors and sides but never had success on roof the heat on a warm day seems to allow it to fall off. . .that said its the stuff you can get from any carpet/flooring shop so maybe not the best:(
the last carpet i got from a local caravan supply shop was the best no backing and hard wearing and easy to shape/form round different shapes
hope that may help:)

28-06-08, 18:06
I got all my stuff, glue and carpet from Mark and the service was really good. T:

The glue is some of the best stuff around (and very reasonably priced) - get the High Temp option though, its worth the extra 30p or whatever a tin. The carpet is the exact same stuff that every one else sells (Martrim, CMC etc) so no real discussion to be had about difference in quality.

10m will give you plenty left over mind. Depends if your planning on doing the headlining in it or not and if you have rear windows etc.

28-06-08, 18:58
Thanks for the replys guys, very helpful :cheers

28-06-08, 20:40
Thanks for the comments.I do package deals with glue, lining carpets, mats.
I supply the high temp adhesive at quite a reasonable price have alook on my advert in the traders section.

29-06-08, 08:32
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