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2 Tone Bay paint on a T4??

Rhosneigr Gaz
28-06-08, 22:19
My neighbour decided to go down the old Bay 2 tone route, any thoughts???


28-06-08, 22:28
Concept is kinda ok... but you gotta pick the right colours

28-06-08, 22:32
Just dont go with the white top . not a bad colour below would look better all orange thats my thoughts .

Rhosneigr Gaz
28-06-08, 22:33
Mrs Gaz reckons he's picked the wrong line? Maybe the one below??? And i reckon the mirrors are above the line so should be white, surely? That said, i love it!!!

28-06-08, 22:40

optimus primer
28-06-08, 22:41
the great thing about the aircooled vans, well the bay and spit anyway, was that they had definitive lines to follow so looked good 2 tone, VW screwed this up with the T25 (T3 if you like) and had to do some kind of frontpanel/side panel thing that barely looked good. Next was the T4 and they just don't have the lines to follow at all.

Unfortunately your neighbour has made his van look old and like an ex biulders van, maybe if he had kept the mirrors white it may have looked different.

I dont think they can look any good 2 tone, trust me coming from an aircooled background I have thought about it! and running whitewall tyres too ;)

optimus primer
28-06-08, 22:43

just to go completely against what I said, that looks quite nice, obviously colour choice is critical!

28-06-08, 22:47
That works well nice comboA:

optimus primer
28-06-08, 22:58
certainly works better with white mirrors


28-06-08, 23:01
i think that black from the bottom of the window line upwards works well

Desp Dan
29-06-08, 06:48
i think that black from the bottom of the window line upwards works well


Rhosneigr Gaz
29-06-08, 06:58
I never thought of Ade's van as two tone butthen it obviously is!!!

I prefer his to my mates orange one! :D:D:D

29-06-08, 09:26
sorry to change the subject but what wheels are they on ade's van, they are AMAZING:cool::ILU::)T:T:

29-06-08, 09:59
saw ade's van at the taunton meet and the paint job looks even better up close, it's the metallic flakes in the black, and the tribal pin stripes between the black and white. and those wheels look awesome, makes it a bitch to drive though apparently!

also got to say i much prefer the split being just below the windows, with the bonnet painted the top colour, fits the old splitty paint job much better.

I think getting 2-tone on a T4 right is really tough, most i have seen just make it look really dated, but ade definately pulls it off!

Billet the Kid
29-06-08, 10:46
I dont think they can look any good 2 tone, trust me coming from an aircooled background I have thought about it! and running whitewall tyres too ;)[/QUOTE]

Coming from an aircooled background I've done it ;)

It works for me, but I do agree with the whitewalls, you have to draw the line somewhere :D

Cheers Billet

Billet the Kid
29-06-08, 10:47
i think that black from the bottom of the window line upwards works well


I like the cut of yer gib, young man T:

Billet the Kid
29-06-08, 10:56
Sorry guys

I did'nt read the whole post before diving in so excuse me for looking like an a**e, although most people think the likeness is amazing :D

Thanks to the bacon meister for the pic and everyone else for the kind comments, the wheels are Ascari Cuervo's by the way.

Cheers Ade

01-07-08, 19:59
as for picking the wrong line your mrs' is right. you need to stick the "rule of thirds"

all the best compositions - photos, paintings etc are made up of 1 third one subject 2 thirds the other.... there are prob exceptions but it just kind of works - google it.

ifthe mirrors were white and the indicators were clear with white along that panel line fill it may look better - rule of thirds....

cant say i'd have picked the colour scheme though.

be good to see the other van photoshopped taking the indicator line back to the other colour ala rule of thirds.....

01-07-08, 20:00
did that make sense.....?

01-07-08, 20:07
did that make sense.....?

I understood you so everyone else should.T:

Is it just me or do T4's look better with darker colours on top. May be just the vans shown on this thread and obviously depends on the colours.:cool:

01-07-08, 20:09
did that make sense.....?

Yep!! im with you.......i think??


11-07-08, 22:18
The van in question belongs to me and i am made up with it. In the pic the van is fresh from paint. if i had been given time to finish my van before it was put out there for opinion ( without my knowledge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!),then maybe the colour scheme would make sense.

11-07-08, 22:23
The van in question belongs to me and i am made up with it.

thats all that matters ! :ILU:

Welcome to the forum! T:

12-07-08, 10:30
For what its worth, I like it. Especially that shade of orange, nice! Just get it lowered and put some bigger rims on.

12-07-08, 10:39
one of my customers has had EXACTLY the same colours done on her caravelle, but its on the lower run and the mirrors are plain white, the orange looked a bit manky at first but now weve got used to it its a good combo, i said for a laugh she should have top part done in orange to and leve white in the middle i reckon it would look mad!

14-07-08, 11:09
thanks guys. in the flesh the colour is much better as it is lighter, brighter and mettalic/pearl. all the photos i have taken have been binned as it does it no justice. since pic, 18's are on as are clear indicators and led rears. will be lowered in time. this is why i waited to put it out there.

16-07-08, 23:45

That works :D

Was gonna say go to the bottom of the windows. Think maybe with the black stopping at the bonnet and not into the grill/bumper would be even better. But maybe not cos the grill would be black.

Either way it's awesome :)