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Gallery pics

sian l griff
28-06-08, 23:22
Does anyone know how to get copies of the Camper jam pics off the Gallery as our Caravelle is on there and it was the 1st event we visited with our T4 ,but I forgot to take a picture of it !!I: Its the Fresha green one side by side on the road with an older orange and white one .
Does anyone have any other pics to look at from that weekend?:D:D

29-06-08, 07:46
Hi there,

If you are looking at the picture on your computer, point your mouse on it and right click!

The menu that opens has either "Save Picture As" or "Copy". If you copy then paste in to which ever folder you like.

This may not be what you want but at least it may help if you didn't know.

Cheers me dear. :ILU:

sian l griff
29-06-08, 08:50
Thanks for that smellysox will try that now ,I`m not very good on the computer ,but I`m getting there.A:A: