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Discodave Selling Up!!!

29-06-08, 11:28
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/VW-T4-Camper-Motorhome-2-5TDI-150BHP_W0QQitemZ190233156781QQcmdZViewItem?hash=it em190233156781&_trkparms=39%3A1%7C65%3A7&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14


good luck with the sale think its the colour that will sell it TBH! TEAM YELLOW! T:
8500 with no reserve bargin

29-06-08, 16:49
Bidding has ended, sold already then.

29-06-08, 17:35
It says ended early due to error in listing which, knowing ebay, will be something stupid like putting it in the wrong catagory or whether it is a camper or not! They are really picky about stuff like that.

29-06-08, 19:03
hasn't been relisted though. maybe he changed his mind A:

Desp Dan
29-06-08, 20:58
Looks like he's got the Coachbuilt T4 bug bad then :eek:

20-12-08, 15:58
missed this thread! i pulled it off ebay for a couple who couldn't get down to see it before the auction ended! they came they saw they bought and paid for!

got me a bad ass coach built now!


20-12-08, 16:04
Nice, has it got shower etc? Whats the interior layout like

20-12-08, 16:05
nice rig dave, when is it going yellow.LOL: