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van or bus

29-06-08, 17:25
My mate gets really annoyed when people call his window van a 'bus'

states "its not a :c bus, you dont pay to get in it and it doesnt smell of urine. vw dont make buses they make vans. even caravelles arnt called buses bla bla bla"

But my van is like a bus- I wont let passengers smoke, i get narked when food or drink get on the seats and often there is someone talking nonsense in my ear (but its the wife!!!) Rasp:

29-06-08, 17:27
my three year old calls the loan caravelle daddys bus, she loves the vw vans and buses and i think vw should make buses, actually they do, crafters, LT, and some t5s now seen them knocking around at heathrow

29-06-08, 17:32
well actuuually if you look at a t4 caravelle brochure it will tell you there were three specs available the lowest being the bus then the sedan and finally the variant so technically it could well be a bus

30-06-08, 08:30
Actually even VW does not call any of the models (Transporter, Multivan, Caravelle, California) a "bus" here in Germany.

There are all called by the model name -> a Multivan is a Multivan, etc.

On the website for the UK <> all models including Crafter and Caddy are called "vans".

So maybe that's the reason why he does not drive a "bus" but a "van"?

What I am wondering about: There is no Multivan offered in the UK right now? Is that true?

Greetings, Martin

02-07-08, 15:26
i Think Bus is cool ... sounds like .... grab some crates and head to the party bus type thing lol


TDI Dave
02-07-08, 17:14
Gotta be "Bus" all the old skool vw dubs t2's are and will forever be known As Busses :ILU:

Van to me means work vehicle or ice cream outlet hehe

And i hate to mix work with social life ,drive vans loads and dont wanna drive one outside work

05-07-08, 09:20
Mine gets called 'The Scooby Bus' and it doesn't even have the full set of windows.

I'm with Dave on this one..

Bus is cool :cool:

Van is wok.:(

Does that mean I can drive in the Bus lane ?