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Fitting Spot Lights

30-06-08, 15:11
Not sure if this is the right Forum for this, cant decide if it should be in the electrical one or another, but here goes, I am thinking of fitting some spots to the van, is there some one that does a mounting bracket for them, or is it just a case of drilling the bumper and mounting them to that, if so is there anything I should watch out for, is the bumber strong enough to take them etc etc...


01-07-08, 10:01
Everything you need to know to fit after market spot lights is in this link.A:

03-07-08, 13:55
Thanks, but that link is for fitting fog lights to the original place for them in the bumper, I want to fit some drive lights to the top, hence the question about just drilling the bumper to fit. Although looking at peoples pics of their vans no one has done that, makes me wonder why!

03-07-08, 14:27
I think the only time I have seen T4s with driving lamps is when they are fitted to chrome A bars (bullbars) :ILU:

03-07-08, 19:01
i got some nice big yellow tinted ones off me dad they were off my uncles mk1 delica orginally,but closest i got to fitting them is throwing them in me shed.LOL:

03-07-08, 19:10
you need big KC covers on them