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30-06-08, 15:27
Hi all have a small problem i intend to service my vw2.5 tdi ( auf engine 75 kw ) soon as i have just bought it recently but cant seem to determin the correct oil ? longlife servicing seems to be fully syn 0W / 50 OR 5 / 40 SYN which is what my local guy says but been told and have seen the book as well 15 / 40 SEMI SYN ? a service sheet i have shows elf 15 w / 40 used and i think that would be fine as well as the vw does not have a long life sticker on it !! so can anyone help on this matter ? also service time is it every 1200 miles between oil and filter change i think that is right ? new to this 2.5 tdi thing !!! old aircool guy me lol its taken getting used to i can tel you guys ! cheers Paul:confused:

30-06-08, 15:28
most dealers pre longlife use 15w40 mineral oil, dont get any probs from that

30-06-08, 15:33
cheers mate i tend to think that as well big diff in price as well !! its a 2001 YEAR BUS AS WELL FORGOT THAT ! T: