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Breaking LWB velle interior..twin slider

14-12-11, 12:28
Have a long nose velle i am breaking interior from LWB

full caravelle twin slider plastics,all very usuable,usual few nicks here and there 150 the lot

2 x rear single seats with floor rails and locking bolts...makes the 2 x singles moveable up and down van..seats are in ok condition,could do with a clean,tables on rear 90 the pair including fittings

rear double with twin armrests,again in ok condition,could do with a vac etc,fits with 4 x mushroom bolts which i will include,comes with 2 x lapbelts fitted 90 collected.1 small fag burn

rear double in older aztez fabric,fits via mushroom bolts,not included,in ok condition,needs a good clean etc.includes single to fit next to it,agian in good nick,table on rear,folds forward and to the side for easy access to rear of van.lapbelts and recieverd included
125 collected

Rear triple in ok condition,new little nicks here and there,needs a good clean etc,but very usable,not show winning,but ideal for day use..includes d bolts to fit to side of van,no floor bolts,but easily findable,lapbelts and recievers
90 collected

Front folding good nick,lapbelts and recievers,in good nick as above could do with a clean
55 collected

Full set of velle rears belts 39 posted each

Rear velle tailgate trim in used condition,couple of holes cut out for speakers...

15-12-11, 15:30
pics saturday..T:

15-12-11, 17:39
B pillar trim's? Rh side step?


Cheers :cool:

15-12-11, 17:58
what rear headlining has it got ?

mines the basic one without vents

also what front/cab flooring is it
also is it barndoor type need door cards

15-12-11, 19:00
Long type tailgate threshold Si?

15-12-11, 19:25
Do you still have the A pillar trim and sliding door runner cover over the rhd sliding door :)

16-12-11, 14:19
Hi mate, can you tell me what colour the velle was as very interested in the N/S sliding door and interior trim.

16-12-11, 18:02
Have you got the removable hatch/cover for the rear roof blowers?

16-12-11, 18:24
sorry lads should of made myself a bit clearer..

i will be seeling the full rear plastics as a complete lot..interior plastic including twin sliders and tailgate trim..

seat and belts will also be sold seperatly..depending on what you are after...simon

16-12-11, 20:55
How much for the lot then dude as mine are pretty knackered tbh :) T:

16-12-11, 22:14
First dibs on roof lining in front and a single or double rear seat how much wheat part off Bristol u from ? I'm in Weston and can collect

17-12-11, 08:35
hello mate pm kingswood or whitchurch


17-12-11, 09:59
Simon, Have you by any chance got the sliding door lock rods, ie the long one with a bend in it plus the longer door lock pin?

18-12-11, 07:06
Dibs on floor rails please, pm sent.

18-12-11, 12:30
Dibs on floor rails please, pm sent.

hello mate want to let the rails go with the 2 x single seats really...

19-12-11, 17:46
Hey, did you manage to get a pic of the tailgate cover?

Thanks *<:-)>

20-12-11, 17:51
Hi Simon. Have to pass on the singles and track.

Cheers anyhow.

20-12-11, 18:03
Hi Simon. Have to pass on the singles and track.

Cheers anyhow.

no probs mate...still in process of removing anyway...having to drill out about 60 bolts...:eek:...:D