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Been here a while, First post though!

30-06-08, 20:49
Hi all, I've been a lurking member of the forum for a long while now but never really posted, got an ex-AA T4 at auction in Newport about a year ago and been working on it slowly ever since.

Finally got around to taking some photos of it today to show off my new paint job. There seems to be an abundance of ex-AA vans where I live so I thought I'd convert to team green, and what a green it is! The pictures honestly don't do it justice, it's really bright in the bright daylight.

I've also gutted out all the standard AA electronics, lowered it by 80mm, put 18" GTI alloys on, fitted new lights all round and I'm in the process of finishing the interior and fitting a big soundsystem. All that and I'm not even halfway there! Gonna have to give project power a go at some point!

30-06-08, 21:02
:DWelcome fellow lurker!
Loving the colourT: and the wheels, are they off a Golf?

.......i wish I had a van.....:(

...soon......but not soon enough.

30-06-08, 21:03
Niiiiiicccce. Luving the colour! Only wish I could afford a respray!

30-06-08, 21:07
proper green meany