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messy glue

02-07-08, 12:57
Fitting my carpet yesterday somehow:bhd i got some spray glue on my
tinted window DOH! Have tried to remove it but its starting to scatch the film,
My question am i [email protected]#+~d or does onyone know how to remove it,
Thanks Muff.

02-07-08, 13:05
with a username like that Im sure you could arrange some sort of buffing to remove it?!?

Jokes aside I think if youve started to scratch the tint you are a wee bit bollo:csed

Dont fret though - I picked up my newly windowed and tinted van and scratched the tint THE SAME DAY with my bench seat! :bhd

Dood luck!

02-07-08, 13:14
Thanks psy,
haven't tried buffing yetLOL:
but there must be a way, thought someone must have been in
the same shed:(

02-07-08, 13:19
white spirit removed mine from the paint work........headlining........floor .......seats,messy job must have been a bit windy!!

02-07-08, 13:25
was tempted to try white spirit, but didn't
know if it will effect tint film?
last resort and all that.

02-07-08, 14:19
I am sure firstglass might be able to help you with advice if you ask him nicely!:D

After all he does do tinting aswell as fit glass.T:

03-07-08, 17:44
Thanks for your help guys,

White spirit worked a treat and as far as i know didn't
effect filmA: