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Bonnet Bra and Bubbling Paint

02-07-08, 16:00
Gave the van a wash and polish today took off the bra as i do every week and there was bubbling paint on me fault left bra on in rain and water left bewteen bra and paint.......anyone use any products to protect paint on their bonnets when using a bra.......

02-07-08, 17:14
Was the bonnet painted recently?
If so, it can take quite a time until it is fully cured
Personally I think they are a waste of time, but I am a painter so I can respray it if it gets too damaged by chips etc!! :)

02-07-08, 17:43
use paint protection film on the bonnet before putting the bra on. we normaly install it to supercars but it possible to install it to anything.