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Do your Wind Deflectors Rub?

T4 Tom
02-07-08, 16:28
Got my wind deflectors for my front windows today from T4RUS (quick shipping 2 days)

Just fitted them and they look great but on undoing the window, the bottom of the deflector catches the top of the glass, (like scrapes passed it)

Anyone else find this? And anyone worked out a simple way to stop it rubbing or is it normal?



02-07-08, 17:10
Mine are Aerolift ones and they don`t rub at all
May depend on the make...

02-07-08, 17:13
Mine did a bit when new but much better now,

I tried a bit of silicon spray but it just makes a smeary mess.

Just live with it for a bit T:

all the best


02-07-08, 17:14
Pretty normal I think, mine do the same, doesn't damage the glass though

02-07-08, 18:53
Mine rub and I have tried tweeking bits but to no joy..

02-07-08, 19:14
yeah i think all the heko ones rub pain if youve got electric windows too cause the sensor stops them from closing on the one touch you have to press twice

02-07-08, 19:19
I also have a set of ade's deflector, they did rub a bit, settled down after a couple of days, then when chucking out the wrappings, i found 4 clips which fit into the rubbers and open them up a bit ( 1 in the center of the top, and 1 down by the mirror ) better now T:

T4 Tom
02-07-08, 19:20
yeah they are Heko ones from T4's R US and I used the clips but might try tweaking them a bit tomorrow,

Look good tho T:

02-07-08, 19:50
Also got mine from T4SRUS, and they rub a little but no big deal.
It doesn't cause any problems opening or closing the windows. :)

02-07-08, 20:59
dont know what make ours are they were on the van when bought it but yeap they do rub and scrape a bit :cool:

03-07-08, 07:23
Totally normal, just a bit of a pain when you have eleccy windows.
They do settle after a while.T:

03-07-08, 22:01
Totally normal, just a bit of a pain when you have eleccy windows.
They do settle after a while.T:

Just use more clips, I got extra from CMC when I got mine, the nearside is still tempermental but ok if you go slow to full closure.