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Can anyone help with my ICE question?

T4 Tom
03-07-08, 19:44
I am so bl*ody confused it's starting to bug me

king marty
04-07-08, 06:28
Should of just asked. i know :)
Right then...
you should have several wire and preouts on stereos
red - swichable live (ignition)
Yellow Permant live
Black - Earth
Orange - illumanation
Blue - Power antenna & Amp
then you should have 8 speaker wires:
2 grey - speaker 1
2 white - speaker 2
2 green - speaker 3
2 purple - speaker 4

Also you will have phono plugs
Red and White
These will only need to be used when you are running an amp!
You can not connect speker directly in to them!

When running an amp, you would have to connect up the phono plugs on your head unit to those phono plugs on the amp with a RCA lead
Then just wire up the power cables on the amp

Hope that helps dude.
Kind of know these things as i used to work in a car stereo gaffI:

If you got any problems bring it with you if you are comming to the mid devon meet
If you aint got the cables ive mensioned above take i a pic of the back of the head unit, as you may be missing some of the wiring harness.

king marty
04-07-08, 06:30
P.S im also up your way this weekend staying in Watermouth campsite, so you can always pop over there with it and i will take a looky :ILU:

T4 Tom
04-07-08, 09:16
cheers dude,

Now I know everyone said you can't connect speakers to a phono lead type socket, but the front speakers are connected this way on an output that says "to front speakers"

On the main like loom bit where all the wires come out the back, I would expect to see speaker wires... but there are none

I really need to get pics up.

Thanks for your PM I'll reply in a sec

04-07-08, 16:33
You say the spoeakers are connected to the Phonos, but you don't say if they work? If they do are they quiet?

Have you traced the wires from the PHONOs into the dash? Maybe you have a little amp in there somewhere?

king marty
06-07-08, 15:50
put up some pics of the back of the head unit with what little wiring you gotT:

T4 Tom
06-07-08, 19:13
all sorted now cheers, as above I still dunno why there are outputs from the phono.. they must go nowhere!!! The reason I couldn;'t find the speaker wires was cause they went into a block but didn't come out of the other side and also, the power supply has been done with speaker wire.. very clever!!

Thanks for input :ILU:

Oh and Marty, It was you i passed on the link road wasn't it on Friday?

king marty
09-07-08, 17:53
Yeah that was me dude, came up your way for the great weather...LOL:

T4 Tom
10-07-08, 08:19
Yeah that was me dude, came up your way for the great weather...LOL:

It's just as good today :D