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service / anti-freeze

05-07-08, 14:49
Hi guys just fully serviced my tdi oil and all the filters ( prior to getting the cambelt done as i have only recently bought this bus ! ) changed the anti- freeze because could not tell if it was new or not and just got the autobox rebuilt and fitted but i was not involved with the garage who did the job ( its a long story !!! ) so decided only way get it all sorted myself give a clean bill of health and i know were i am then !! but i have not used the vw anti-freeze (G12 ? ) but decent anti-freeze i have allways used may use the correct stuff wen i get the belt and waterpump done in the next few weeks ! any thoughts on the anti-freeze do you all use the G12 stuff ? cheers guys:)

05-07-08, 18:25
I have used the genuine vw g12+ stuff.
Its not that dear seem to think 3 x 1.5 litre bottles were 15 ish from VW dealer.
Flush all old stuff out first.
Changed my thermostat as well.

06-07-08, 13:06
Thanks mate i will probley change the fluid for the correct stuff when i do the cambelt /pump using this stuff to clean it out realy but did flush the system out anyway and its the same with the oil change going run it on the semi -syn for 3,000 miles and then drain and refill with new again ! more replys on the anti-freeze would be of interest though cheers Paul.T:

Mr Big
06-07-08, 13:39
The problem is there are different 'types' of modern antifreeze. Is the stuff you used recommended by the manufacturers for use in volkswagens? You might have good quality stuff but if its blue rather than pink it might not be the right stuff.

07-07-08, 23:49
Hi mate well not sure on this one but it is recomended for all types of engines and as the corrosion inhibitors as well and i belive its about the alloy corrouding etc and also vw etc like to plug their stuff as it sells ! and if an engine is alloy well ? but i dont know so i like to find out ! but at this moment anyway i will run it to flush out the system and maybe put the correct stuff in ! when i do the belts and W/pump !! ( bit i read that the g12 as caused some damage and as been replaced by g12+ ? )T:

Mr Big
08-07-08, 13:38
Sounds like a plan. I got my last batch of the stuff from my local GSF which saved me a couple of quid over the dealer prices.

08-07-08, 16:39
thats an idea mate i will try my local gsf see if they sell the g12+ stuff its gotta be right then!!T: