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Micheals red bus

Big Bad Bear
06-07-08, 20:51
Looks like he aint selling then, with half hour to go and only 9000 he def wont let it go anywhere near that price I:

06-07-08, 20:58
A lot can happen in half an hour on ebay!!! (actually 25 mins now)

Big Bad Bear
06-07-08, 21:01
Ah yeah but i had a long chat with him at Bristol and boy has it gotta increase rapidely to reach reserve I:

06-07-08, 21:03
21 minutes....lets see how 22 seconds go..thats when I bid..but not for this van :( I didnt win even a tenner on SaturdayRasp:

06-07-08, 21:32
It didn't sell in the end.

michael's blue bus
06-07-08, 22:31
Not at that price.

michael's blue bus
06-07-08, 22:35
Think we are going to keep the van. Untill the end of the year at leastRasp:

07-07-08, 12:03
i might well have it then michael dependig how much you want for it.T:

Big Bad Bear
07-07-08, 13:58
LOL:Hey a T4 is for life not just for Mikeys Weekends LOL:

07-07-08, 14:25
Thats funny that bear

he he he giggling to myself