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Various Inca Seats

07-07-08, 08:44
Having investigated the various options, it's time to sort out some sensible seating A:

I have a 2001 (Y) t4 and plan to replace the Drivers single and Passengers Twin with something more comfortable (both have triple point seat belts). Was thinking saab/audi etc.

I have also removed the Triple folding, quick release seat from the back. These have lap belts. If your interested make me an offer as i have no idea what their worth!!

Ideally a swap, two comfy seats for the lot, be perfect!!

Mods, not sure if this thread should go in for sale or swap :confused:

07-07-08, 11:45
Hi, Have you still got the rear triple seats? if so can you contact me please, I will give you a very good price, the only problem is I'm in the midlands, would you be prepared to courier them to me? obviously I would pay in full before you dispatched them, many thanks. phil.

07-07-08, 22:14
Yep still got em, midlands is too far i'm afraid. Could poss meet you half way somewhere??
We're in Fishguard, so a million miles from civilisation :(

08-07-08, 14:31
Have had a look and taken some more pics.....

08-07-08, 15:51
Hey guys, do you still have the 3 seater? If so do they come with belts? I want to use it as a middle row as i don't need to get in the back. Does it come with belts and buckles cant really see in pic. Let me know how much you want for them too.

08-07-08, 21:24
Yep still got em. They have three lap belts fitted.
Price...... I have no idea, make me a sensible offer??

09-07-08, 19:09
Hi, have you still got driver seat and/or triple seat? I'm just outside Haverfordwest so not exactly a long way from you!

11-07-08, 07:17
Put these on ebay a couple of days ago, can't believe it - Have sorted out a swap for the triple. Getting two grey leather saab seats, woohoo!

Still have the drivers single and passenger double anyone interested??

Would prefer to swap them for a single swivel and base A:

big bazza
12-07-08, 19:41
i havent got anything to swap but how much would you sell them for

12-07-08, 22:54
To buy a swivel and base is about 120 as far as i can see.

As i said i've now got the saab seats, just need a swivel and base for the passengers seat.

Up for grabs is the drivers seat (need to keep the base, sorry) and passenger seat (including its base).

If you still interested gimme a shout??

23-07-08, 20:24
I'm interested in your seats but it sounds like you need to keep the base of the drivers is that correct.
I asked a question when you had them on ebay about meeting at the Severn bridge. Still interested?

23-07-08, 22:40
How much for just the drivers seat? and I've got a single base spare.

24-07-08, 07:11
I'm having a bit of trouble with my PC but i'm intrested in the seats. Sounds like there's no base for the drivers is that correct?
I did contact you about through ebay about the possibility of collecting the seats from the Severn bridge area. Are you intrested?
Regards Andrew
01726 828337

24-07-08, 10:16
Sorry for the delay in posting this, orange signal is playing up so limited internet access :(

All the seats have now gone via eblag :mw